Disclaimer / Policy

I blog as a lil’ side hustle and occasionally will get paid for content that you will read on here. I get sent a fair bunch of products so going forward here is how you will know who what where why and WHEN so it aligns with the new ASA guidelines and is more transparent for ya’ll.


I will clearly declare at the end of a post if within it, there are items that are press samples (have been sent to me, free of charge)


This is if I have been paid by a brand / company to feature something on my blog. These posts will be clearly marked with ‘AD’ within the blog post title.


I rarely use. However, if I do I will clearly mark it as so. It does nothing to effect you if you click such a link it just will give me a little % of commission if you purchase.


Twitter & Insta : If I have been paid to promote anything it will clearly state ‘AD’ at the beginning of the tweet / Instagram caption.

Please feel free to ping me an e-mail if you have any queries about any of the above.