Revitalash Advanced Lash Growth Serum : Full Review with Before and After Photos

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The Revitalash Advanced eyelash conditioner is the most famous and arguably the best lash growth serum on the market and promises to make short, weakened lashes fuller longer and healthier. 

This is a product I had heard about for so many years from working in the beauty and makeup industry. Colleagues and peers/ other makeup artists and client’s always used to swear by it. I’d only heard good things about this lash growth serum so was really intrigued to give it a go. Is it really as good as everyone had said, does it make your lashes grow *that* well and is it worth that high price point?

I’m always quite sceptical about any ‘miracle’ product nowadays so wanted to give a it a thorough try and review. So here we are. This should be everything you need to know about this product and hopefully I will answer all your questions, queries and all the rest!

Strap in for the full review of the Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner!

revitalash advanced lash conditioner growth serum review

About Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner:

The original and best lash growth serum that uses it’s signature Biopeptin complex to strengthen and lengthen lashes.

Key Ingredients:

The trade-marked Biopeptin complex contains a blend of Biotin, Green Tea, Peptides and Lipids. The Revitalash also contains Ginseng and Sweet Japonica which are plant extracts rich in Vitamin B that protects and revitalises the lashes,  Saw Palmetto which is rich in fatty acids to promote shine and condition of the lashes and Wheat Protein, an ingredient common in any thickening hair treatment as it’s rich in Amino Acids and Peptides that help strengthen and condition hair.

This formula is ophthalmologist tested and safe to use with contact lenses.

My Experience:

I am notoriously lazy/terrible with keeping at lash conditioners or anything that requires a constant application / daily use. I often forget, give up when I don’t see results after a few days and get swayed by other products. HOWEVER. This time I was determined to really see if the Revitalash worked. I didn’t want to skip days or forget to apply it.

If I leave it on my bedroom table like I have done in the past with similar products, I STILL manage to forget. In my makeup bag? I’m not wearing makeup every day so that wouldn’t suffice…

THE PERFECT SOLUTION TO ENSURE EVERY DAY APPLICATION? Leave it in your toothbrush holder. Something you (hopefully) are doing every single day. It helped my remember every morning to apply it! 

You apply it just ONCE a day directly onto the lashes at the root, both upper and lower lashes. The applicator is very thin and precise and delivers a perfect swipe with one dip (I use two dips for both eyes). Although it’s only 2ml in size, this has so far lasted me at least 6 weeks of use and it’s still going  strong although possibly nearing the end. I’ve just checked the website and it does say that this 2ml size is 2-3 months worth of application so that makes sense.

I’ve had no problems with it, applying mascara or makeup straight after although I usually wait probably around 5 minutes to start with my makeup. You can apply it AM or PM.

Revitalash Before & After:

My lashes naturally are relatively stubby and un-assuming. I have to really curl them and lather on the mascara to make them look visible and often will whack on falsies for a more glamorous look. After using the Revitalash Advanced they are a lot longer, I would say double in length (?!) and they definitely have gotten thicker too.

There’s no editing on any of these photos except the lighting.

revitalash before and afterrevitalash advanced before after

How long until you get results with Revitalash?

I was umming and arghing after about 3/4 weeks ; I hadn’t seen much growth and then all of a sudden week 4/5 for me……BAM. Out of nowhere they just started to look so much longer. I noticed it when applying my mascara and kept having to look, check and admire my new fabulous lashes.

I’m now on week 6-7 and I’m not sure if they are growing more and more but I’m happy with how they are. Obviously you get that sinking feeling that when you run out your gonna have to re-purchase as it’s not cheap. However, your lashes won’t all of a sudden shrink back to normal the day you run out, I would assume it will take a few months of your natural lashes falling out etc before you are back to the start. Maybe a product you could use twice a year?

Is Revitalash worth the price tag?

YES. Absolutely yes. It works, the proof is in the pudding and I’ve not heard from anyone who said it didn’t work for them. If you use it once a day, every single day….your lashes will grow. I am still amazed every time I am applying mascara at how long they are and I really won’t need false lashes unless I’m after a really dramatic eye look. I’m thrilled with the results.

I know there will be people who would rather pay for lash extensions throughout the year but cost-wise it actually ends up about the same and a lash treatment serum is obviously way better for your lashes in the long term.

Does Revitalash work?

I mean, come one! YES. It does.

Is there a cheaper alternative to Revitalash?

(Updated July 2021) I’m working on it. I’m actually using a lash growth serum at the moment which is getting really good results and is definitely cheaper than Revitalash. I hope to get this review and comparison up over the next month when I’ve given the product enough time to fully work, but I am hopeful!

revitalash advanced before after revitalash advanced review

The Revitalash Advanced 2ml costs £89

The Revitalash Advanced 3.5ml costs £125

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and feedback on this. Have you tried Revitalash before or similar? What do you think of the results?

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