Makeup Crush Monday #28 | Anastasia Beverley Hills DIPBROW Pomade.

As a brow makeup lover and obsessive I was suprised myself that until earlier this summer, I had never tried any of the Anastasia Beverley Hills brow products, the things that the brand is really famous for. I literally have no idea what other products that do except the Dipbrow and Brow wiz! I picked both up in my super shopping spree in Sephora when I was in California and I am really liking both of them, particulary the Dipbrow. I have similar products to the Brow Wiz, which is a twist up pencil for the brow, it’s very much the same as the Kevyn Aucoin brow pencil I have used for years. I don’t have anything similar to the dip Brow though and think it’s a really unique and interesting product. 

The Anastasia Dipbrow is a gel-cream pomade that is your all-in-one brow product. It gives hold, definition and smoothes the brow hair with the waxy texture, so you really shouldn’t need anything else to get a perfect, groomed brow. It is perfect for oily skins and people who like a budge-proof brow (who doesn’t?!) as it is waterproof once dry. This is one of the key selling points for me as if there’s anything on my face that needs to stay put all day, it’s my brows, as without any makeup they are really sparce and I literally cannot leave the house without them being ‘done’. This is also a really great holiday, hot climate product when nothing else will stay on. I went hiking for 8 hours in Yosemite with this on…I was a sweaty, disgusting, out-of-shape mess…..but my brows were still fleek so life was good.

It comes in an impressive 11 shades which is great; usually brow products will come in 4 or 5 max, so this choice is brilliant and if I am honest I was struggling away in Sephora for like 15 minutes trying to decipher my perfect shade. I ended up going with ‘Ebony’ over the ‘Dark brown’ as it has no warmth in it at all, and it actually isn’t black, it’s a very deep dark brown. The best way to apply it is with some kind of angled brush, and I really like the Space NK eyeliner brush OR as a cheaper alternative, the Crownbrush IB113. You just lightly dip the brush into the pot and grab a teeny bit of product (a small bit goes a long way) and then I usually smooth the brush so it is ultra sharp onto the back of my hand. I then literally swipe it through my brows by doing tiny little hairs so my brows look natural (ish!) and full. I like a defined brow without it being too Scouse. You can actually get lots of different finishes with this product so really you can get a very natural look, something like mine, and then a full on Instagram brow!

It comes in a small glass pot with screw lid so one thing you need to remember is to keep that on tight otherwise I’m pretty sure the product will dry out as will gel eyeliner. TIP: If you are using it and don’t want to keep putting the lid back on and off while you are getting your brows to pure perfection, then just flip then pot upside-down (lid off) and flip over when you need. A good makeup-artist trick!

It does what it says on the tin and stays on really well. I was gunning for this product to be underwhelming so I could dispel all these rave reviews I keep seeing, as I almost didn’t believe it was as good as people were saying, I was wrong. Anastasia, I hold my hands up, the Dip Brow is an ingenius and unsurpassed brow product.

It’s still not available in any shops in the UK just online at BeautyBay priced at £15. If you are unsure of colour then just onto google images and look at swatches and you should be able to gauge from there.  

Have you tried any of the Anastasia brow products yet or is it something you want to try?