5 NARS Makeup Kit Essentials.

NARS is one of my favourite professional makeup brands. I vividly remember walking past my first ever NARS counter like it was yesterday ; it was in House of Fraser in Bristol and I had never seen colours like is ; the eye-popping shades, the choice of foundation shades, the shamelessly clashing eyeshadows duos and the sleek, simple, unassuming packaging. It was love at first sight. Francois Nars is a makeup legend bad boi (& now photographer) and his work is inspiring to no end and he understands the needs and requirements of both a makeup artist and the woman-at-home. He has been a working makeup artist since way-back -when and he created his own makeup range in 1994 when there was limited scope for colour and professional products in the makeup world. I have like 70% of his makeup collection in my kit, no lie, but there are a few firm favourites that I have used and used over the years. Yep and NO Orgasm & Laguna in sight! 

1.Eye Shadow Duo’s Cordura & Isolde.

There are so many glorious dribble-worthy shades from NARS. They are some of my favourite eye shadows in the world and the colour combo’s are really good. The pigment in NARS’ eyeshadows are hands down some of the best and they are soft, easy to blend and great quality. I have Z-palettes and Z-palettes of NARS shadows and if I had to choose just one brand to use for eyeshadows….yep, it would be NARS. I have a handful of favourite colours,but these two, Cordura & Isolde are the ultimates. Cordura was the first one I ever bought and I have one for me and one for my kit, a gorgeous warm coppery brown alongside a deep chocolatey soft brown. Isolde is that luxurios, rich gold and bronze duo that is stunning on warmer skin tones. LOVE.

2. Multiples South Beach & Copacabana.

These handy sticks are a godsend for the kit as you can apply them straight onto the face/eyes/body and they are super easy to blend and use. I have maybe *all* the shades but these 2 are the most used. Copocabana is the signature NARS highlight shade ; a silvery, ethereal  sheen. South Beach is a fabulous highlighter for warmer skin tones and an absolute must for bronzing, glowing gorgeous-ness. I also love the newer matte multiple shades they launched more recently, they slay too.

3. Blusher ‘Amour’.

NARS kinda has the authority of blush with all the glorious, iconic shades. There are SO many great colours and I think Orgasm undeservedly overshadows them a bit. Amour is a perfect matte rosy coral which is the blusher I seem to use on everyone and it looks great, no matter what the skin tone.

4. Velvet Matte Lip Pencils.

Silky smooth jumbo lip pencils that can be used both for lining and all over, longwear lip colour. The pigment is rich, the colours are vivid. Personal kit fav ourites for me are Bettina (muted nude pink) Dragon Girl (blue-toned red), Bolero (neon coral) & Train Bleu (deep aubergine). No faffing about to match liner and lipstick, these just do everything and the beauty of them is that they DON’T dry the lips.

5.Radiant Creamy Concealers.

I love these concealers and the shades are great for darker skintones too. Not many concealers are fantastic both under the eyes and on redness and blemishes but these cover all the bases and are really user-friendly. Simply dab and blend them over any offensive areas for a decent coverage, and most-importantly a non-cakey finish HOO-RAH.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourite NARS products?