The New Thing : Make Up For Ever ULTRA HD Foundation.

Makeup Forever is a brand that is kind of known primarily for one thing ; the HD foundation. I have used a lot of their products and I love so many of the different bits they do, you can see some of my top picks here, but that foundation is kind of the holy grail and probably the best-selling thing from Makeup Forever. They have recently launched the HD Ultra foundation and lots of people are asking why change something that was pretty much perfect anyway….well the original is still available as normal so know need to fret; the ULTRA formula is just a step ahead and will fufill slightly different needs.

The original HD foundation was a huge hit primarily with makeup artists working in TV as it was specifically created to look undetectable even with the HD technology which enforced huge changes for how makeup artists applied makeup for TV & Film. Gone where the days where you couldn’t see that bit of un-blended foundation or a smudged eyeliner ; with HD TV’s, you can see EVERY little flaw on the skin.

Fast forward 7 years (wow that makes me feel old..) and HD has come on further with the new technological evolution of 4K cameras which have 8 MILLION pixels (4 x higher then full HD) so yet again, Makeup forever are upping their foundation game by creating the ULTRA HD foundation.

This breakthrough formula is an ultra-fine in texture and it easily unifies and evens the skintone whilst giving a second-skin flawless finish. It contains next generation reflecting particles that correct imperfections transparently. Luminosity boosters stimulate micro-circulation that help to brighten the skin and leaving it with a radiant hue. It also contains hyaluronic acid spheres (a favourite of mine) that deliver a continous 24-hr burst of hydration to the skin, leaving it looking dewy and plump. Hyaluronic is also great for smoothing the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines. 

My Thoughts

The lovely assistants on the Makeup Forever counter in Debenhams,Oxford St matched me to the foundation as a shade Y325 this seems pretty much perfect although I tend to opt for a slightly warmer tone as I often wear a fake tan. However, coming into winter this is going to be a really great match, so bottom line…they matched me perfectly, I’m just an adopted Essex girl.

The coverage is good, only a small amount is needed to get a lovely light base, and you can build it up as needed. The best way to apply this, as with any liquid foundation is with a buffing or stippling brush. It feels really smoothing on the skin, like it contains silicone, but it doesn’t which is impressive for a water-based foundation. I have oily skin and it lasts perfectly all-day with none of the patchiness or seeping into the pores likes some foundations can. It leaves my skin with a satin finish…so not overly dewy but definitely not matte, it’s a really perfect finish for me as I do like my skin to look like skin as opposed to makeup. Make sense? I didn’t think so.

I have also tried this on a drier skin and the wear and effect/finish was equally as good so a winner for ALL SKINTYPES plus would work on mature skin. In the before/after photos below I actually have no concealer on my face at all, just to show you how well you can build it up.

The best bit is still to come….there is a whopping 40 shades of this glorious foundation so no one is struggling to get a colour pale enough or dark enough for them. HOORAY. The ULTRA HD foundation is available now priced at £29.