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Friday, 26 August 2016

Summer Skin | The Best Skincare for Oily & Combination Skin.

During warmer months, our skin generally produces more oil....yay for some, unless you are like me and already pretty oily on the ol' face. 
Makeup slides off quicker, feels a bit yuckier, and skincare needs to lighten up a bit to ensure I don't break out ; say hello to some of my favourite summer hydrators ; lightweight hydration without the heavyness or balminess that winter months crave & need.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Brand Focus | Pestle & Mortar.

I've featured Pestle & Mortar on my blog quite a bit over the last couple of years,I wanted to re-introduce you to this brand and do a little focus, for those who have never heard of Pestle & Mortar cosmetics and for who have never tried it, mainly because the hyaluronic serum is one of my favourite skincare products EVERand they have just launched an exciting new Retinol oil.

If you have never heard of this teeny skincare brand, let me give you a quick lowdown so you are up to speed ; Pestle & Mortar is a family-made & run business from Ireland founded by a lady called Sonia Deasy. Herself, along with her sister (a biochemist) developed a simple and clean skincare range, with active ingredients, no harsh chemicals and does what it says on the tin.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

MAKEUP WARS | Ka Brow VS Dipbrow

Two of the most talked about and popular brow pomades/ gels that are out there at the moment ; The Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow & the Benefit KaBrow. 
I would think that Benefit based their version perhaps on the ABH Dipbrow as this has been probably the most famous one launched to-date. I have and have used both extensively so I wanted to share with you a comparison which maybe will help you dcide which one to opt for if you are on the market for new brow makeup. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow VS Benefit Ka Brow.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

The Estee Edit Skin Glowing Balm Makeup | Review.

I'm sure you already know as a possible discerning beauty lover, but if you don't, The Estee Edit is the new and slightly more 'affordable' makeup range from Estee Lauder that is aimed at the younger generation, the millennials, and perhaps the makeup lover who simply finds the Estee Lauder range a little old hat. There I said it.

Out of sheer curiousity I purchased a few pieces from The Estee Edit on my last shopping trip to Selfridges, (it's exclusive here) including their one and only base/foundation type product which is called The Skin Glowing Balm. I have recently been trying this over the last few weeks so wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

July Beauty Favourites.

 July Favourites, let's jump to it.

OK so I *think* I have found a new perfect-for-me foundation. I had heard a lot of hype about the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation stick and it thankfully lived up to the hype, and possibly exceeded. I purchased it in my Debenham's haul here. It is super quick to apply and use, it covers brilliantly and has a wonderful semi-dewy finish. True love. Everyone is going NUTS for the new Hourglass foundation stick, but I will save you time & money ; THIS is better, £13 cheaper and DOUBLE the amount of product. No brainer.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

NYX Summer Makeup & Giveaway

I think the UK makeup scene is a little NYX-crazy right now. With the launch into Selfridges earlier this year and more recently, Boots, this U.S budget makeup brand is more accessible than ever and it's offering the discerning makeup lover a little bit more ; dupes, pro makeup artist type products, and outrageous colours that have not really been available to us on the high street up until now.

The price point is super competitive and I think , great value for you buck with lipsticks starting @ £5 , great quality concealers at just £5.50 and eye palettes start around £7.50. My only gripe with NYX so far is the actual counters....which I have only visited 2 of regulary so far ; the one in Selfridges London and the one in Boots Liverpool Street station. They always seem to be a right old mess with no staff for the majority of times I have been, limited testers and it's pretty hard to find the actual products you want amongst the mess. It must be doing pretty well as a brand so NYX...start employing more staff for your counters in the UK, and don't neglect us!! WHEN are those damn lip lingeries launching onto the counters by the way?! I keep checking back and they only seem to be online....

Monday, 1 August 2016

Makeup Artist Tips | How to Find Your Perfect Foundation

FOUNDATION ; It's that one makeup product that I probably invest the most money into and I am forever finding new formulas and brands that I love and use. Fortunately as consumers we are pretty spoilt for choice with foundations with innovative formulas constantly coming out trying to entice us in. I don't know about you, but I have probably around 4 that I consistently use, depending on how my skin is, what finish and coverage I like and also how tanned my skin is.

If you are struggling to find something that works for you then here are some tips and tricks to finding 'THE ONE' ; that holy grail foundation, which can be quite a time-consuming and arduos task, not to mention heavy on the purse strings!

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