The Kissproof Pops of Colour & Lip Stains.

Sometimes you just wanna apply your face, be on your way & never look back until a lunch break or until you walk back through your door in the PM. Long wearing lips are something we have a huge abundance of at the moment, and it files re-application towards the back of your busy mind and see’s you sipping on your mid-morning-skinny-tall-extra-hot-chai-latte-with-an-extra-shot of something without having to scrabble around in your bucket bag for constant touch-ups.

That saying, these aren’t going to be perfectly placed after a 12-hour day…. but they will wear longer and more steadfast than your typical lipstick, gloss and tinted balm. Here’s my current best-of-the-bunch for lip stains and long wear lips shades.

The Balmy Ones:

Apply like a lip balm but leaves a trace of stain on your lips and these are my personal favourite formula! A cult-esque one would be the Barry M Lip Genie (formally known as TMLP)  which is *that* green one. It has one of the pigment changing formulas (also made phamous by Lipstick Queen Frog Prince, Sunshine & Hello Sailor) and this goblin-green-looking balm turns into quite a bright & vivid pinky red. My current go-to shade is the Zelens Lip Enhancer in shade ‘Naturelle’ which looks peach in colour and develops into a brighter pinky coral. This formula is really balmy and feels luscious on the lips when you apply so it’s really great if you have dry lips or just love a lip balm in the day.

Benefit are infamous for their lip stains, namely Benetint which I do love but in these summer months I am reaching for their Posie Balm as a softer alternative….leaning towards a typical tinted balm as opposed to a stain. It applies buttery and balmy but laves a very subtle hint of colour on the lips- but not like the 2 I have just mentioned ; this is a lot lighter in it’s staining capabilities & will need re-application. A fabulous budget option is something I picked up in a U.S pharmacy a few years ago….Sidenote : Walgreen’s / CVS are literally *AMAZING* for makeup shopping and I literally spent 30% of my holidays perusing the endless shelves of unfamiliar makeup. Back to the actual product…’s the The Wet n’ Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain. I initially thought his was just a typical tinted balm but realised after the first application that it really stains the lips and leaves you with a beautiful long wear hue on the lips. Not only are they brilliant but they cost like £1 so if you are ever in America, pick up some shades!

The True Stains:

The old school formula we all know and love – liquid to a dry/ matte stain finish. One of my favourites of ALL time are the Stila Lip & Cheek Stains which I have literally used for around 10 years. They are a click pen brush applicator and are really easy to apply and last for hours. My go-to shade has always been the Cherry Crush. < PS I’ve just noted this are currently half price @ just £8, which is amazing BUT I hope this doesn’t mean bye-bye.

For a budget buy, I love the KIKO Lip Marker Colours which quite literally look like a marker pen and are super easy to use because of this. They do x8 shades, covering most tones and they are a snip at just £4.90. The newest stain to the gang is the PIXI GelTint & SilkGloss which is the best of both worlds : a liquid-like stain on one side and a complimentary gloss to wear over the top if you fancy. Can be mixed, or either formula worn solo and the staying power of these are pretty impressive. Also liking this vivid pink on ma cheeks!

Have you used any of these? what is your favourite long wear lip tint or stain?