Olympus Camera Flash Sale + What I use for my blog photography.

Olympus PEN EPL camera review for blogging

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Just swinging in to let you know about the mega sales that Olympus are are having from 30th July – 3rd August which you can peruse RIGHT HERE. It’s a hidden link so you have all the good stuff right there and the best deals on cameras.

Since I moved on from my blog iPhone images of years gone by (honestly, no joke – up until maybe 2013 I used my iPhone camera for all my blurry, badly lit blog snaps!), I have used an Olympus PEN camera. Granted, I very much hopped on the *blogger bandwagon* around 2015 as everyone who was anyone has this intriguing looking white Olympus PEN EPL-7. If you didn’t have it, were you EVEN a blogger?!

I remember the first time I took a picture with it and even just with the kit lens (the lens it comes with when you buy it), I was totally blown away. The quality was SO much better and for a camera-and-tech-phobe like myself, the most important thing…..it’s damn easy to use!

I currently have the newer Olympus PEN EPL-9 which is a little fancier in functions (although I know it’s terrible, I rarely take it off auto I’m sorry) and I think if you look over my blog photo’s even from the last 3 or 4 years, my images have improved so much. I now have a couple of extra len’s too : the kit lens which is the one it comes with is a 14-42mm , the incredible 45mm and then more recently the 30mm.

Olympus pen blogging camera sale

If you have been wanting to up you blog game or simply want a camera that is a bit better than your camera phone then definitely check out the Olympus website for the deals. There are definitely a lot fancier cameras than the humble EPL’s but they are the perfect camera for blogger newbies, blogger oldies who like to keep things simple like me and everyone else in between.

I know some people who spend literally thousands and thousands and thousands on their camera’s but I simply don’t make enough on my blog to warrant a camera quite like that ; the PEN’s have always been around the £300-£500 region and for me, that’s a lot more reasonable.

I use my EPL-9 for all my blog photography, my You Tube and a lot of the my IGTV’s too. It has in-built Wifi so you can snap and send straight to your phone to edit and upload to wherever. For filming, it has the handy flip-down screen so you can see yourself and how terrible you look, it’s also light and easy for vlogging and slipping into your handbag.

olympus pen sale

My basic tips for blog photography (without getting techy because that’s not me!)

Disclaimer : I am far, very far, from being a professional photographer. I know nothing. HOWEVER, I am just a normal gal, who has picked up a camera and taught myself a few things and tricks along the way to get some pretty blog photos.

  • Lighting – I find natural light is best and you don’t then have to edit or fiddle too much in photoshop to make your pictures look better. I also love taking images at sunrise/sunset and playing with objects to cast shadows across your images. I do have a ring light and studio light but I will very rarely use this for blog images.
  • Manual is best....but I have always stuck to Auto to shoot! If you have a few hours there are SO many tutorials to help you get the most from your camera. If you CBA, like me, your images will still look banging on auto ok.
  • Some days just aren’t shooting days. I sometimes plan a big day of shooting images and have all these ideas, but I’m not in the right frame of mind and nothing seems to work. Other days everything is just working and falling into place and taking just minutes to shoot!
  • Pinterest is great for inspo! Make sure you are straight up copying other people’s work but the internet is a great place to get some inspiration and ideas if you are feeling a little lost with how to shoot some product/s.
  • Invest in some props. I have a little box under my desk dedicated to blog props that includes material, ribbons, string lights, baubles, sequins, a ring light, a studio light, fake flowers, pretty mags and all other kinds of things. 
  • Try and mix up how you shoot to keep your images interesting for the reader. Sometimes I still love a flatlay and it works with a product so well, sometimes it calls for a beauty room blurry background shot. Sometimes you may need to get out some props, reflectors and jazzy things to get your image to really look incredible.
  • It’s a big learning curve and just enjoy it and find your own unique style. I’m still very basic in the way I shoot, as in I stay on Auto, I don’t do anything *too* fancy but I don’t profess to be a professional photographer, I’m just here having fun, running a blog and it’s something that I need to incorporate into that.
  • Invest in the 45mm lens. I don’t know what magic is inside this thing, but it’s an absolute game-changer when it comes to blog photo’s and product shots. It has a beautiful soft blur and captures products so very well and crisp. 80% of my images are now using the 45mm lens.

The last thing I will say is that the customer service I’ve had from Olympus has honestly been incredible over the years. I’ve had to have a couple of tweaks and repairs and it’s always super easy and quick to send off. I’ve never had to pay anything because of the warranty.

If you want to check out the Olympus camera sale then click RIGHT here and get browsing. Happy shopping and bargain hunting! Do let me know if you have any qu’s about the PEN cameras and I will try and help.

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