Makeup Crush Monday : KIKO Tropic Heat Dewy Stick.

OK. First things first, this is actually sold out now and not available, but I am still sharing it with you, as I love it, I hope they bring something out similar and it’s clever.

The KIKO Tropic Heat ‘Dewy Stick’ was part of the collection with the same name, that came out earlier this year, it was actually one of my favourites, with bright coloured packaging and fab products, however the most un-assuming and perhaps overlooked was this and it was, and still is my absolute fave and I’m a’ tell you why.

This is a makeup artist’s dream product for an editorial, high gloss and beautiful skin. I, alongside many makeup artist’s use products such as the Elizabeth Arden 8-8r cream over highlighter or simply solo on the skin to get *that* beautiful glow. This gives that exact same finish : glossy, balmy and with a beautiful sheen. The other products aside from 8-hr which I use a lot for this finish would be the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate (the illuminate part) so this little stick from KIKO is not only a huge fraction of the price of both of the above (it cost £7), but it’s compact, more portable, easier to use and it gives as good finish. I have been using this SO much for shoots, clients and in professional kit, and I cannot tell you how gutted I am that it was limited edition!

In these photo’s I am wearing the Cover FX celestial highlighter with the KIKO Dewy Stick over the top. I tend to dab it on with my fingertips or use a small brush to apply.

Have you used anything similar to this? Or maybe you are upset when a product you love is a limited edition?!