The Current Cleansing #Shelfie & Why You Should Cleanse (well).

I always have a substansial stash of cleansers with around 4/5 on the go at once. I like to switch it up in the AM to the PM, double-cleanse when required and I tend to opt for whatever I feels my skin needs on that day. 

I actually think cleansers are my favourite item in my skincare regime and possibly what I invest most of my hard-earned money on, I think this stems from having awful acne when I was growing up so I just have this *thing* with cleaning my skin and allowing it to breath and feel fresh at the end of a day. I know all you fellow oily-faced peeps can hear me on this one!


Why is cleansing important anyway? Well first up it’s removing and makeup, dirt, grime and general yuk-iness that would have accumulated throughout the day. This will clog the pores and can cause breakouts and other issues if not cleansed away. Also, if your skin is perfectly clean, any products you are putting on afterwards (oils, serums, moisturisers) will penetrate and absorb into your skin easily = enhances the anti-ageing process. Another key benefit of cleansing the skin in the PM is that a clean and uncongested skin will regenerate and exfoliate itself better therefore the result is a clearer, brighter and healthier looking skin.

My skin is currently slightly conjested, combination and during the summer months it always gets a little more oilier. I am currently using mainly these 4 cleansers which are the Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip, Sunday Riley Blue Moon, OM Pure Glow Cleanser & the Oskia Renaisance Cleansing Gel. 

I absolutely love Sunday Riley skincare and both of these cleansers are really good for my skin. The Ceramic Slip cleanser has been in my cleansing arsenal for like 4 years now and it’s just such a great cleanser for a combination skin. It is a lightly foaming gel that has this wonderful silky and luxury feel that cleanses, detoxifies, purifies & lightly exfoliates the skin. It has a cocktail of ingredients including French Green Clay, Vitamin C, Sandalwood, Frankincense and black pepper, and it’s my perfect AM cleanse or step 2 of a double cleanse. Sunday Riley also reccomends to use this MIXED with a pump or 2 of Good Genes to act as a skin-brightening super mask once a week or as needed.

The Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm is the one of the newer purchases of cleanser and this was one I had my eye on since it launched last year. I love an oil-based cleanser for the PM makeup removal and this is currently THE ONE for me. It’s a luxury blend of conditioning plant oils & essences including Blue Tansy, German Chamomile, Cocoa Butter, Vanilla, Sweet Orange,  Neroli & Ylang Ylang. So as you can imagine, this is wonderfully aromatic and it smells pretty much like terry’s chocolate orange….YES, get in and around my face immediately. It is a thick (blue) oily balm, that once massaged onto clean, dry skin, melts into a lighter oil and then once water is applied, it emulsifies into a milky water. I use it all over my eyes, face, neck and it removes eye makeup and everything else with relative ease. It doesn’t come with any kind of cleansing cloth but I would suggest using one so it gets rid of all residue and any oil on the skin. I will usually follow this with a second, lighter cleanse, especially if it has been a heavy makeup day.

For a slightly lighter makeup removal in the PM then the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is perfect. I use this when I want that deep-cleanse feeling of an oil-base balm, but don’t have the time for the double-cleanse-cloth-shebang. This is a melting peachy pink gel-oil cleanser that has all the benefits of your typical balm, but in a more user-friendly pump and is a little lighter. This also has skin-brightening/exfoliating ingredients including Pumpkin Enzymes, Vitamin A, C & E and the Oskia signature ingredient ‘MSM’. MSM stands for something confusing & scientific so I’m just gonna stick with MSM ; but it’s a sulphur compound that helps boost collagen, reduce inflammation & strenghtens the skin’s matrix. It’s the base product of all Oskia’s skincare and I’ve heard the supplements are insanely good too – have you tried them? Another great thing about this cleanser is that it is suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES, and I think this is probably why it’s a bit of a cult thang right about now.

Last up in my cleansing stash is the OM Pure Glow cleanser which I purchased a few months ago and have already gassed about here. I had a mini-break from it (it’s me, not you) but now we are back together and I’m loving it again. This is just one of those cleansers that is a very light silky gel that simply cleans your skin without disrupting the PH or stripping it. It’s not overly fancy or active it just has nice, skin-loving ingredients (Aloe Vera, Rosewood, Orange Oil) that can be used on any skin and contains no sulpates that can strip and react. This is definately an AM cleanser as it’s too light for *proper* makeup removal, well for me anyway. Clean, simple, aromatic cleansing. 


So that’s my current #SkincareShelfie as we speak. It seems to be ticking all the right boxes at the moment and as I said, I just switch it up and swap them around depending on how my skin feels, what & how much makeup I have on my face. 

Have you used any of these cleansers? What are your go-to’s at the moment? Like I said I am a cleansing fanatic so would love more recommedations.