next toddler rainbow welliesHOW is it March already, HOW did February just fly-by after January went on for 56587 days?! Is that the same for you? It feels like my feet didn’t touch the ground and I’m not sure if that is a good or a bad thing?! As always I wanted to share with you a selection of my favourite beauty and beyond products….a few stand-outs, new products that have landed on my desk and I’m lovin’ and even some old faves!

Let’s get stuck straight in.

A bit of a mixture but quite skincare heavy. I dug up my bottle of Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist which I’ve been saving and saving and saving…….and saving. Ya know when you have a really special product and you don’t want to open it or use it because….. it’s really special? Yeah, this was that. I just thought it was time, I needed a bit of a boost after the longest and driest January ever so I treated myself by cracking into this and giving myself a good daily spritz with it. I keep it at my desk where I work and it’s great to give my skin a quick refresh, hydration boost and perks me up a bit!

In terms of serums and oils I was recently sent a bunch of Una Brennan skincare which I was really thrilled about as I’ve gotten on well before with the cleansers that I have tried. I cracked open the Vitamin C+ Brighten Booster* which is a super lightweight, almost watery serum that you simply drop into your daily moisturiser to give it a brightening boost ; love this idea and you can still use your normal serum if you are fancy or use this in place of.

An old favourite and a product that I started using a few years ago is the GORGEOUS De Mamiel Autumn Face oil. It’s super concentrated, packed with fabulous ingredients and it feels so special and luxe on the skin. One of my favourite facial oils! De Mamiel change up their face oils seasonally so this one will be gone soon and it’ll be onto the Spring face oil, and concept that is really interesting as our skin’s needs will switch up as the environment and seasons do.

T R A V E L   F A V O U R I T E S

We went on a little staycation a couple of weeks ago so I packed a few skincare samples and mini’s to take away with me. I was loving the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum which I was using everyday : lovely and lightweight and worked nicely under moisturiser and makeup. Am tempted to maybe buy a full-size when it runs out.

I also took away the Omorovicza Cleansing Foam which I have used before and really like! This travel-size seems to last for so long so I’m forever taking it on trips away. I have heard mixed reviews on the REN Mineral SPF30 so was really happy when my friend gave me this small sample to try out. I actually really like it ; it does have the tendency to look a tad zinc-y and white when applied but I found when rubbed in it disappears and once I have my base on it’s undetectable.

I ALWAYS take away an Aromatherapy Associates Bath Oil or two as they are one of my favourite indulgences. They sell small gift sets which have these miniatures in which are perfect for travel and weekends away! I also love the Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads for travel as they come in individually wrapped sachets so I always, ALWAYS take those away with me.

best of beauty 2020 best travel skincare de mamiel face oil

omorovicza queen of hungary mist

L I P S  + L A S H E S

A couple of new lip balms have landed on my desk in the last month or so and I am using both a lot. The Alpha H Absolute Lip Perfector* is a really nice thick and nourishing lip treatment that has a slight tint of pretty pink and gives a little bit of a plumping tingle to the lips.

Also HOW PRETTY is the Andrea Garland limited edition Liberty print Lip Balm*!? They have launched in 4 different prints and they are so very pretty and collectable. The rose-infused balm is lovely and lightweight, doesn’t feel too heavy and gives a lovely slick of glow onto the lips. You can choose your tint shade, whether you want a beeswax base or vegan formula and  they use ACTUAL Liberty fabric, hand cut for the lids – SO PRETTY!

KISS lashes have always been one of my preferred lash brands of late and I’m SO very happy to see that they are available in so many more places now PLUS they have launched so many stunning new styles. I’ve really been loving the Lash Couture Faux Lash Extensions* for that super subtle effect. They are invisible, the most lightweight and natural individuals that I have ever tried.

H A I R 

Only one hair product this month and it comes in the form of the Umberto Giannini Flowerology Rose Drops Miracle Mist*. It’s a protective styling mist that also has UV protection to help lock your colour in a little longer, particular great of you are a pastel-hair-lover like myself as it can fade SUPER fast. Adds a nice touch of hydration too without weighing my hair down – almost like a leave-in conditioner vibe and I love the smell!

andrea garland liberty lip balm andrea garland liberty print lipbalm kiss individual lashes

N O N   B E A U T Y

Ok, that’s all the beauty business over. Now a few other bits & bobs : I popped into the ‘big’ town a few weeks ago and went into H&M for the first time in ages and I was loving for the accessories section. You know when you just like SO many things and could spend SO much money? Endless pretty products, great sunglasses (in the sale!) and I snapped up some of the spangly hair clips too. I could have got a lot more but Margot needed Wellies (we’ll get onto that) so I needed to budget my spend.

I was having a good chat on my insta-stories about toddler wellies and had loads of great recommendations. We wanted some before we went on our lil’ staycation and after a bit (a lot) of umming and ahhhing I decided on the NEXT rainbow toddler wellies which I think you will agree are just too cute. Who knew there were so many different styles and variations of the humble welly but we went simple, albeit nice and bright, and they were an ok price at £14. We went a little too big in size for Margot so they are kind of supersize on her but they are really nice, I *think* comfy plus the little handles on the top make them easy to pull on.

h&m hair clips

next toddler wellies


I have to say, despite the TERRIBLE weather (it was utterly horrendous : stormy, gale force winds and mainly torrential rain), that Devon stole a little bit of my heart and I can’t wait to go back and visit when the weather is a little friendlier. We went to north Devon which is only a couple of hours from us and stayed in a beautiful air b’n b. We visited some really cute little towns, all the amazing surfer beaches and found some great little cafes and eateries whilst we were there. I’ll be doing a full post really soon!

So that’s my little (really quite big) round up of all my favourite things from February. Can you spot any of your go-to’s here? Have you been on any exciting staycation’s lately?

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