AD The NEW Emma Hardie Midas Touch Super Serum

emma hardie midas touch super serum reviewThis is a paid partnership with Emma Hardie Skincare.

I’m here to tell you all you need to know about the serum everyone is talking about : The Emma Hardie Midas Touch Super Serum. This launched just last week BUT I have been using it since January so I want to share my thoughts and how it has improved my skin over the last few months!

‘An instant boost of hydration for luminous, plump, radiant skin’

The Emma Hardie Midas Touch Super Serum is a multi-tasking hydrating, brightening and plumping serum. This is the FIRST clinically trialled product from Emma Hardie that has shown to both reduce wrinkles AND improve the skin’s hydration in just four weeks.

emma hardie midas touch super serum review


The reason why it’s a such a great multi-tasking serum is the transformative and botanical ingredients within. 

It contains skin brightening and firming Vitamin C. Niacinimide which boosts elasticity, hydration and firmness of the skin, Bakuchiol is known as the ‘natural’ alternative to retinol and this works to reduce numerous signs of ageing including loss of elasticity and firmness and of course, fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E is that all familiar antioxidant which protects the skin. This super serum also contains ultra filling spheres which give that instant plump and smooth effect.


Clinical trials show that in just 4 weeks : 

  • 97% agreed that moisture levels were improved
  • 90% agreed the serum combats dehydration
  • 86% agreed that the skin felt firmer
  • 77% agreed here was an instant reduction int he visibility of fine lines and wrinkles
  • 73% agreed that skin has more brilliance and luminosity

emma hardie midas touch super serum review


As I have said I have been using this serum within my skincare routine since January! It is an incredible serum and I’m now onto my second bottle of it already. In short : it’s an ‘easy’ serum. It marries well with other brands and products and it’s just a great all-rounder if you want one great ‘supercharged’ serum that will target a few different things. Skincare can be and is getting quite complicated I find and I like to keep things relatively simple and don’t want to faff with layering multiple tonics, serums etc. Especially with how busy I am at the moment with the house move etc…..I want one serum that ticks a few boxes and can be worn AM/PM and any which way you like!

It’s feel like quite a nice thick serum, it’s not one of those watery ones. The texture is sumptuous and it feels like it melts into the skin and immediately feels comfortable and soothing. I use 2 pumps per application. It absorbs in well and doesn’t leave the skin sticky or tacky and like I have mentioned, it marries well with various other brands and face creams with no rolling or residue. I have been slathering on the Emma Hardie Moisture Boost Vit + C Cream over the top most days as I really need that hydration kick at the moment and this combination is honestly INCREDIBLE. Glow and radiance for days!


This would be a great serum for you if you are concerned with ageing, looking a little lack-lustre and just feel your skin needs a real boost of moisture and radiance. An incredible all-rounder serum that will easily fit into any skincare routines and tick a lot of boxes.

emma hardie midas touch super serum review

The Emma Hardie Midas Touch Super Serum is available now from and is priced at £58.