August Beauty + Lifestyle Highs.

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August was a VERY up-and-down month for me. How was it for you?! With lockdown lifting the worries and angst didn’t so much and it’s just the constant transitioning and moving on with life, trying to stay safe, being responsible and doing your best to stay sane and afloat.

There’s been a few things happening behind-the-scenes with me which have been a little testing and tough but I’ve also had SO many great things happen this last month so it’s kind of balanced it out. I’ve been working so very hard on my blog and social media content over the last few months and I feel like it’s slowly starting to pay off. I’ve scored some great collaborations with brands that I absolutely love and it’s really lifted me up.

Anyway, enough rambling and digressing, let’s get to the good stuff ; things I’ve been loving. 

Aurelia Cell Revitalise Day Moisturiser*. I received a huge box of gorgeous Aurelia skincare a few weeks ago and I’ve been trying out some of their new serums and products I have never used before. If you’ve been here for a few years you’ll know that I’m a fan of quite a few of their things but really looking forward to exploring more as there is so much I love about Aurelia. This day cream I actually used maybe 6 years ago or so when it first came out and I had forgotten how great it is, particularly for the seasonal transitioning  skin when I am in need of a little more.

TROPIC Rainforest Dew Serum*. Ok so I had *quite* the reaction when I said I was trying out a few of the Tropic Skincare serums on my insta-stories. So many people were saying how they loved them and also wanted to know what I thought. I know a few people do get concerned / put off with the selling/rep side of this business but you can buy directly from the website if you don’t want to feel pressure etc. I’ve tried a few of their products over the years and honestly they have all been really good. I am really enjoying the Rainforest Dew as a serum when I need a hydration boost ; it’s very watery in texture and almost an alternative from my Hada Labo. If you are oily it’s a great one too as it’s so light and literally just disappears into your skin. Feels clean and fresh on my skin and has worked really well with anything I have layered it with.

Typology 9-ingredient Lip Balm*. I started using this during the heatwave and because of the natural oils within it came out like a melted oil-gel which I just assumed was the formula and I kinda liked it. However, now that summer is pretty much over and we are curling up on the sofa with our PSL (I’m not, no), the formula has thickened and it comes out like a more typical-balm which I am actually preferring. It feels super nourishing, it leaves my lips comfortable and doesn’t vanish within minutes. I only have to re-apply very sporadically throughout the day. I also really love the minimalist, unisex packaging of the Typology range and will be chatting about some of the other products really soon.

Shay & Blue Amber Rose Perfume*. Shay & Blue sent me out a couple of fragrances a couple of weeks ago and this I slung straight into my handbag and I LOVE this perfume! I’m a big fan of rose in fragrances but I don’t like them too sweet or typically ‘floral’ so the Amber really balances it out and it’s a really subtle but beautiful, creamy scent. 

Clever Fox Planner. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll probably know all about this Clever Fox Planner as I’ve been chatting about on my stories for the last week or so. I ordered it off Amazon after deciding my multiple notepads, scraps of paper with scribbles of writings on wasn’t the peak of organisation.

I’m trying to get back on my feet and take the blog / social media thing a little more seriously now so I feel like this planner is perfect to get me organised, set goals, achieve goals and day-to-day tasks. It’s definitely more than I would have usually spent on a planner/diary (£25) but when I got into researching and ended up on You Tube watching planner reviews (!!) I was an easy sale. Loving it so far and it’s great to have everything in one place.

Sanctuary Spa Wellness Calming CBD oil*. I took this away for the weekend to try it out and am really enjoying it. It’s an oil concentrate made with CBD, Lavender and Rosemary oils and is meant to relax you, help you unwind and help you sleep. HOLLLLA…You had me @ relax. This concentrate can be used in the bath, just a few drops, and I have also been using it straight onto my skin after a bath too whilst my skin is still a little damp – across my chest and just on the inside of my wrists to give me a little boost. It’s not an over-powering scent as I know some people find essential oil blends too heady and stinky but this has actually quite a subtle and comforting smell.

This Works Stress Check Breathe-In. I’ve definitely talked about this before as I’ve been buying it for a few years now. This is an essential oil concentrate made with eucalyptus, frankincense and lavender that is in a roll-on formula that’s easy to apply straight on the skin to give you a sense of calm and control. I use it pretty much everyday and I tend to just pop it on the inside of my wrists and take some deep breaths to take it all in.

Bali Body Self Tanning Mousse*. I have heard so much about this range over the years and lusted over there pretty perfect bronzed-up huns Insta feed for probably way too much time. I got sent a bunch of their range during the summer and I’ve really enjoyed the body oils and in particular this tan is actually banging! It applies with a hint of colour/ guide, it dries pretty quick with no horrid smell and it develops into a beautiful caramel shade ; buildable to a deeper tan if you wish over a couple of days, but with one application It just gives  a natural glow which is perfect for me.

Tarte Cosmetics Maracuja Juicy Lip * I’ve been using this lip colour (shade Hibiscus) a lot as it’s just that perfect rosey-pinky-nude. The finish is like nothing I have in a stick formula…it pretty much melts into a gloss when applied onto the lips and feels really balmy and hydrating. A perfect lipstick-gloss hybrid.

Bareminerals Barepro Bronzer*. I have slathering this on using this pretty much every time I manage to apply any makeup at the moment. It’s a really perfect glowing bronze tone that gives a really natural sun-kissed finish with a tiny hint of glow (no shimmer!). It also applies really easily and evenly ; great in with your skincare or foundation and/or over the top of your foundation.

OPI Muse of Milan nail polishes*. This collection is absolutely STUNNING and I’m loving a few of the shades in particular the Galleria Vittorio Violet and the Drama at the La Scala. I feel like I will be wearing most of these shades during AW20 though and I love how different a lot of the shades are and they are just a little different. To see the full swatches of the entire range then head over to THIS POST here.

A visit to the Lakes by Yoo. We had out first trip away on the weekend and of course I was feeling all kinds of angst and worry as I haven’t really seen anyone since the start of lockdown expect Margot and Tom. We went to stay with our best friends and Margot’s Godparents for the bank holiday at the stunning Lakes By Yoo.

You may know we used to go here really frequently for weekends away but it’s probably been nearly 6 months now and it was SO lovely to finally see some friends and let my hair down (*cough* too many cocktails, & horrendous hangover). We just chilled at the Lakehouse, ate lots of amazing food, caught up, watched horror movies, went for long dog walks and swims. It was perfect!

Succession (on Sky). Honestly, I’ve struggled to find ANYTHING I’ve enjoyed watching over lockdown except re-hashing out old series/ favourites. however, Succession is one of the best series I have watched……ever, ever, ever.

I’m not usually into this type of thing but it’s really captivated me and I find myself thinking of it the next day after I watch it, what’s going to happen in the next episode and looking forward to watching it every evening. I haven’t felt like that in YEARS over any series. The characters are all really good, the acting is incredible, storyline, twists, tension and touches of humour are brilliant. Kieran Culken is in it and he’s hilarious.

Phew….that go WAY longer than I had envisioned. So that’s pretty much my month and what I’ve been doing, watching and enjoying. I’d love to know if you’ve been indulging in any of the above. Maybe you didn’t like some of the products I’m raving about?! Let me know below!

*press samples