Makeup Crush Monday #29 | Diego Dalla Palma water resistant long-lasting eyeshadow stick

This is a makeup item that I’ve had for over a year and it was one of those that went onto the ‘to-try’ pile find that got ignored for months and months. When I finally got round to using it I was super impressed and now I find myself using it more and more after (particularly when I’m having a lazy makeup day.) It’s so easy to use, and I absolutely love this shade, so it deservedly has a place in my ‘Makeup Crush Monday’ series. The Diego Dalla Palma water resistant long-lasting eyeshadow is a stick formula cream eyeshadow  that can be applied straight onto the lid and then smudged with your fingertip or a brush. It has a slightly pointed tip (with a clever hidden sharpener in the end to keep it sharp), so it is easy to get precision plus colour all over the lid.

When I apply it, I just scribble it all over my lid, up to the crease, underneath and into the lash line, including the inner rim ,and then I quickly (quickly!) buff it in and blend it out with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. You have to be quick to blend because after about 10 seconds this starts to dry so will become harder to work with. The thing I love about this particular colour (25) is that it’s quite dark so you can get a really super-quick smokey eye with just this product and the warm coppery tone is perfect for blue and green eyes. It also has a really good luminous finish (think By Terry Ombre Blackstars) that also stays even after it dries.

The pigment on these eyeshadows is really good and you get density straight away without having to layer it up. You can use an eye primer if you wish but I promise you this cream shadow is not going ANYWHERE once it has dried. I promise. No budging, smudging, creasing or crumbling. You could probably rave in this for the duration of Glastonbury and you’d still be good. It’s such a handy little makeup item, and just does what it says on the tin. The only downside of this is….eek, I’m not sure if they are still available in the UK. I can find them on their main website (in the sale YAY!) but not on the M&S one which is where I find it easiest to buy Diego Dalla Palma.


What cream eyeshadows are you finding the best? Do you prefer this stick formulas or from a pot/pan?