The BeGlow TIA Sonic Skincare Cleansing System.

The BeGlow TIA is the newest sonic cleansing device to hit the market, and also has an extra benefit that your usual brush / in-shower device, may not have (HINT: It’s that weird-looking silver plate on the other end).

This innovative device has 3 KEY FUNCTIONS > Cleansing, Anti-ageing & DualPulse contouring.

The BeGlow TIA cleanses your skin and removes makeup much more effectively than if you were to just manually cleanse : It has an anti-bacterial silicone brush head that cleanses your skin using pulsations which can be adjusted according to your needs. It is fully waterproof so can be used in the bath or shower.

It is a SONIC cleansing device, which means instead of just rotating around in a circle, the mechanism oscillates at a sonic frequency, often producing over 300 movements per second. These are now quite common and most beauty lovers (that’s you) have heard or used the Clarisonic, the Foreo & the Clinique version which have been very popular over the last few years.

The difference: The *other end* is where I got intrigued as I personally haven’t seen or used anything like this and certainly not seen it incorporated with a sonic cleansing brush. It is a titanium plate / surface that once in contact with the skin, will omit both low and high frequency pulsations which have a number of anti-ageing benefits to the skin including increasing blood circulation, reduces the appearance of pores and improving the skin tone. It has 2 modes for different pulsations and the ‘dualPulse’ contouring mode will help to strengthen and definition of the facial muscles.


I am using the cleansing brush every day. I prefer to use it in the shower in the AM and stick to my double-cleanse in the PM. If I am wearing heavy makeup and using it in the PM, and I recommend this for you too, I will use an oil-based cleanser FIRST, rather than get my TIA in a makeup-hot-mess, covered in mascara etc.

1.) Simply wet the brush head (it’s fully waterproof), add a dollop of your go-to-cleanser and simply turn on the device with the control button 1 and massage all over the face. Pay particular attention to areas of congestion but no need to press hard as the sonic pulsations do all the work for you.

2.) To speed up simply press the same button again.

3.) I usually use it for around 1 minute and then switch off and rinse the head off. It can be removed easily for a thorough wash, which I tend to do once a week. Pat Dry.

4.) Apply yo’ skincare.

5.) If you fancy using the titanium plate (I am trying at least 3 times a week atm) then simply press that control button 2 to start the pulsing and use over the face to push skincare into the skin, massage, sooth and boost circulation. If you have puffy eyes this is fab to reduce the puff!

6.) Use the DualPulse mode for 1-3 minutes for contouring and lifting around the jawline, neck and, chin and cheekbones. This can be done whenever you fancy in the week.

You can also use the titanium plate with your face masks.

  • Sonic technology cleansing device
  • Cleanses with the silicone head end
  • Titanium plate end has x2 setting to help skin tone and strengthen facial muscles
  • Waterproof
  • Come with USB charger
  • Gentle enough to use x2 a day
  • Full charge = 6 months of use (!!)
  • You can change the silicone cleansing head (recommended x1 a year)


The BeGlow TIA is available now exclusively at and is priced at £199. This may sound  expensive, but similar cleansing brushes (without the titanium plate) costs around £170.

BeGlow also have recently launched another device called the PURA, which is basically the same thing without the titanium plate end, so just a sonic cleansing aid, if you are more interested in that and this is priced at a lower £109.

Both devices are available in 3 colours : pink, black & white.