Care for Colour : L’Oreal Professionel Vitamino Color A-OX

I am making a real effort to make a change on my blog, and only ‘review’ products I have *properly* used…I mean for weeks into months rather than just a sniff and a swatch (YEP. IT HAPPENS). I also think when it comes to both skin & haircare you need to really use it to know how it works for you both short and longterm. I was sent a bunch of products from L’Oreal Professionnel to try a few months ago…..and I want to share with you my thoughts on this particulary exceptional range ; the Vitamino Color A-OX. I have been using this for months now, and it’s really working miracles on my hair.

I currently have super-damaged, over-processed bleached hair. It needs a lot of love and attention and feels very sorry for itself. It tells me this by being utterly difficult to style and shitty to work with. The Vitamino Color A-OX range from L’Oreal Professionnel is all about protecting your hair’s colour radiance, boosting colour intensity and shine & protects colour-treated hair. I have 4 of the products which i dip in and out of/use in conjuction with one another..

Vitamino A-OX Soft Cleanser (shampoo)

My star product, and one I will immediately purchase when I have finished it up. It is a gentle sulphate-free shampoo that had a wonderful creamy mousse-like texture when lathered up with water. I was actually genuinely suprised to find it was sulphate-free due to the way it *foams*. It gently releases hair impurities AKA dirt n’ grime from the hair shaft and leaves the hair lovely and clean without the stripping. I have it in a tube form (I think there is a bigger size that comes with a pump) and I was suprised at how small the actual hole was to get the shampoo out, as in you really have to squeeze it to get the smallest amount out. I think this is because it is super-concentrated so you only need such a small amount, like HALF of a normal shampoo. This annoyingly small hole actually does help you remember that. If you just want to try one thing from the range first ; this is it.

Vitamino A-OX Color Cleansing Conditoner

A posh ‘Wash-N-Go’. Shampoo’ing your hair can bring the colour out quickly and also can actually cause damage on over-processed hair (HOLLA). If like me, you have fine hair and need to wash it often then it can be beneficial to cleanse gently and this is perfect ; a very, very conditioning shampoo-conditioner in-one. This isn’t something I use often, it’s more like a once a week alternative as a full deep cleanse ; also great as your gym buddy. Note ; this does not lather very much so don’t use this when your hair is really dirty and greasy as it will do nothing!

Vitamino A-OX Fresh Feel Mask

Although this is classed as a hair ‘ mask’ I find it light enough and perfect as my conditioner. I tend to wash my hair every 2-3 days, perhaps if you wash daily then it may be too much. It is a feels beautiful and luxury in my hair and leaves it nourished, protected without heaviness. This is also a great smoothing conditioner, so if you get tangles in your hair ; this is also for you. Hair is left really soft and easy to manage.

Vitamino A-OX Jelly Masque

This is a great mask-treatment for coloured hair, and I find, for fine hair. I love the texture of a thick, oily mask but in reality it just makes my thin hair really lank and I need to wash it again the next day; this masque is a lightweight jelly texture (and it’s PINK Gaaaaa) that hydrates deeply, protects your colour and radiance WITHOUT the heavy feeling. I use this maybe once a week/every 10 days or so. As with all masks, I tend to really squeeze out the excess water in my hair after shampoo’ing, slather on a good dollop then crocodile clip my hair up for around 5 minutes to really let the hydration get to work.

What is your favourite haircare for coloured hair? Have you found anything that works for you?