Chanel Les Rouges Collection No.1 / LOVE + HATE.

I first clapped eyes on Kristen Stewart in the campaign images of the Chanel Les Rouges No.1 Fall collection, I had literally purchased the entire range in my head, and I was
desperate to immerse myself in this sea of beautiful , luxe red hues.

As a whole, I think this collection is utterly fabulous, gorgeous and sensational. Red is timeless and
beautiful and on the cheeks, lips and eye ; I LOVE RED.  I am a huge girlfan of makeup artist Lucia
 who creatively designed Chanel Les Rouges and I think colour-wise, this is the BEST Chanel makeup collection for
many, many years.

I skipped along to my local Chanel counter
a couple of weeks ago to pick up some of the range, have a proper look and swatch and play with the shades. I had already had my beady
eyes on the stunning Illusion D’Ombre ‘Rouge Brule’, and it was equally as beautiful in real life as in the images, I also got the other
Illusion D’Ombre within the collection which is Rouge Contraste..and that’s as far as my Chanel Les Rouges Collection purchases went. Initially, I wanted to get the eyeshadow quad, but in real life it
wasn’t quite as impressive for me as it was in the photos. I also passed on
the red lipsticks ; they are absolutely beautiful, but I have 100 similar shades
of red. Instead I picked up a bottle of the Perfection Lumiere foundation which I have been wanting to try for years.

 The Les Rouges Collection is relatively formidable ; with the signature quad, x2 Illusion D’Ombre eyeshadows, x2 waterproof eyeliners, x 6 lipsticks (2 differing formulas), x2 lipliners, a blusher and x2 nail polishes. It is all honestly absolutely beautiful, but if like myself, and you already love RED, then you may have similar shades @ home. I am still toying with a lipstick and a lipliner.

The Illusion D’Ombre Rouge Brule is such a beautiful shade ; a multi-faceted
slighty shimmery coppery red, and the Rouge Contraste is a really rich, dark red-brown. Both
colours work seriously well on blue eyes FYI. If you are after a good long-wearing red lipstick then take a look at the ‘velvet’ formulas within this collection ; they are simply stunning. I cheated here in the pics with a dupe from NARS called Cruella.


The formulas of the Illusion D’Ombre ; They
aren’t good.
In fact, they are dry and difficult to apply after just 2 weeks of
owning them. 

Yes, I screw the lid back on tightly
and I never leave the lids off for more than 10 seconds at a time so it’s not
me……it’s them. It’s a darn shame
because both colours are absolutely stunning. The darker shade ‘Rouge Contraste’ is the one I have actually used less and this is
the worst offender of the two
; as in it’s near impossible to even pick
this ‘cream’ formula up with a brush, it comes off in small dry-ish pieces.
WAH. If they cost £5 I really wouldn’t care and I would simply struggle on as I
have been doing…but these cost £23.
I have used the Illusion D’ombres before and I do remember them becoming a bit
dry and tricky after maybe 4 months…but not 1-2 weeks.


So what am I doing to apply and use the Illusion D’Ombres? I have this mixing medium from Inglot, which is
just a clear fluid you can add into any makeup really to make it more fluid
without it losing it’s staying power (I
use this every day with my ABH Dipbrow at the mo which has been drying)
I am happy enough to do this as I had this product kicking around anyway. Not
sure how I would feel if I had to purchase something extra to make the Chanel
shades apply though. So a lil’ warning and a heads up to you all.

 Have you indulged in any of the Les Rouges
Collection? It’s limited edition so if you want anything you better be
quick-sharp I think as it’s a popular one. Maybe you haven’t had any problem
with the cream shadows? Maybe you have? Let me know your thoughts.