6 Things that have bought me some JOY in the start of 2022.

It’s been such a slow start to the year. 2022, what is going on? Weird vibes all round, no?

I have been struggling to get stuck into anything creative : from writing, to taking images, creating content, even slapping some makeup on my face…it just has’t been happening. I felt like I lost my spark a bit and had zero motivation to get back to it. I still have no idea why….but my mojo is nearly back…slowly but surely!

I think it could be simply because of quite a full on 2021 : there was lots going on aside from work and moving house and I think I just ended up feeling utterly exhausted both physically and emotionally. Once I stopped for my Christmas break – that was it! I’ve had nearly 2 months away from content creation and I feel like it was much-needed.

I’ve been focusing mainly on the house move these last few months…..house stuff and family, that’s kinda it. It’s been really nice to spend time all of us @ home, albeit surrounded by boxes and continually trying to get stuff done!

1.) My new kitchen!

We needed to overhaul the kitchen in our new build. It was brand new and quite lovely but the space wasn’t utilised as good as it could have been and due to the downsize we have done : we really needed every nook and cranny of that space! We designed a new layout with Howden’s and had it fitted a few weeks ago. I really love it and it works SO much better (plus we now have a dishwasher!) and we are just now just waiting for a few finishing touches : painting / tiling and my new shelves to arrive. I’ve had it custom-coloured and I really love what we have chosen. All to be revealed soon!

2.) Re-Organising Storage

Again, due to the downsize, we are being very clever with storage solutions in this new house : every inch matters! A lot has gone into long-term storage, and we have purchased a few new furniture items that work in the new house and space better. I love storage solutions and coming up with ideas on how to organise things better. I’m currently on a major mission to do my new office and get all the makeup and beauty into order and into the drawers. It’s quite satisfying when you find that perfect way to store things.

3.) The Newt in Somerset

You know we visit here a lot! We now live just around the corner from this stunning country estate and hotel! It’s Margot’s favourite place to explore and run and she is so familiar with it ; so it’s ideal that it’s just a stones throw now. If you are not familiar with the Newt in Somerset : it is probably the most exceptional country house hotels in Britain that is nestled within a huge 800 acre estate. They open the grounds and garden to members (£48 per year) to utilise which is how we go.  It’s stunning and everything is just done SO well. There is the gardens to explore, alongside a garden restaurant, cafe, further grounds (lots of deer to be seen!), a farm shop, extensive fruit and vegetable gardens (they grow over 350 types), an ice-cream parlour, a homeware shop (I’m way too poor), a few exhibitions including ‘The History of Gardening’ (I promise, it’s better than it sounds) and their newly opened ‘Beezanthium’.

PS the sticky apple buns are to die for.

4.) Margot

She’s growing so much! She’s like a proper big human with long legs and everything! Having a break from ‘work’ and content creation has meant a lot more Margot time. She has adapted really well to the house move and has really settled into our new home. It’s been really nice to see her develop and change just in these last couple of months alone. If you don’t know (you probably don’t follow me over on Instagram!), Margot has recently been diagnosed with autism and probable ADHD. She is currently non-verbal but we are seeing some improvement in her sounds and communication. I don’t think it’ll be too long until we start getting some words from her : hopefully this year!

5.) De-Cluttering

It’s been good for the mind and soul to have a really good de-clutter. I had a really big sort through everything before we moved : clothing, beauty, makeup, shoes, Margot’s things, toys, kitchenware, towels and bedding! A lot went and it needed to :  I had way too much stuff I didn’t need. Anything that could be donated was and it feels really good to have a lighter load. It also really helps with just day-to-day life and organisation.

6.) New Skincare Regime

I chatted about this on an IG Video : I have NOT been looking after myself in many ways and one thing that has definitely been lacking is my skincare regime. I packed lots of my beauty away around a month before we moved, we then moved to an air b n’b for a couple of weeks and then we finally moved into our new home : I was using sachets, sharing Tom’s creams and just using this and that. I really wasn’t looking after my skin properly and it really shows! As I’ve been unpacking, I have been putting aside some lovely skincare products and have kick-started a really good regime, so hopefully my skin improves AND I think it’s just good to put aside that bit of pamper time in the AM & PM.


It’s sometimes just little things & enjoyments that can keep you going isn’t it?! I feel like it’s been such a strange last couple of months and I’m just really hoping I find a bit more balance and *normality* soon. I think once the house is packed away and finished it’ll make SUCH a difference to both home and work life.