My First Experience with HD Brows | Before & After.

High Definition Beauty was formally known as ‘HD Brows’….probably the phrase that most of us are familiar with. It launched back in 2008 and quickly became THE authority in shaping perfect brows. Fast forward to now, 2016, and they have launched a full makeup line and alongside their training centres for brows, there is High Definition salons offering full beauty treatments, alongside the infamous brow shaping which every beauty-savvy girl/boy has done and it’s the method that celebrities will turn to to keep them looking perfect and preened for all of those close-ups.

 “Your eyebrows are a vital part of your personality, not only do they frame your face, over 70% of your facial expressions depend on them, and that’s why the right brow shape and colour can take years off you..”

I have never had HD brows up until now, I had just got on by with plucking @ home and basically over-compensating for my bad brow shape with makeup. HD brows is a series of steps to achieve a perfect, full and natural-looking brow using tinting, threading, waxing, dyeing, plucking and everything else in between. It’s a real full-on life-changer for those brows I tell you! I have been told for a while now that the best person in London to see for a HD brow experience is Nicolina Divito ; so I popped down to her at-home brow salon in trendy East London a few weeks ago to see what it was all about. 

I had let my brows grow out to get the full HD experience, so leading up to this my brows were pretty horrific, but all so much more pleasing for the end result. It took around 1 hour from beginning to end, yes there were a few painful threading moments as I have not had them even threaded for…gulp…years…and this method literally gets ALL those small, baby hairs that you never even knew existed around the brow area. 

 After all the steps had been done, Nicolina finished up by filling my brows with a bit of HD makeup so I was comfortable walking outside and I think she did a better job than me at the makeup part too*insert grey moon-face emoji*.  I also learnt quite a few things I had never really considered such as the way my brows grow (it should influence the way you apply brow makeup) so this has changed my brow makeup technique which is crazy since I have been doing them for over 20 years….and wrong by the looks of things!

I am so pleased with the results, my brow area just looks so clean and I love the fact that they look natural and full as opposed to overly ‘done’ or drawn on.

HD Brows are great of you like a natural, but perfect-looking brow, if you like to see texture and hairs as opposed to an instagram-brow-type-fade…which let’s be honest, is getting a little overdone and a bit 2014 now. Meow. It’s given my brows a new lease of life and I am actually wearing them a little thicker and fluffier now and I am going back to see Nicolina every couple of months to get them neatened up.

Check out Nicolina’s Facebook Page for more info / contact and to see her work.