Makeup Crush | Zoeva Brushes.

ZOEVA is a cosmetics range that are pretty much KNOWN for their brushes. I have been hearing so much about them lately and I’m sure you have too. When I read stuff loads on beauty blogs all at the same time I am sometimes feel a bit mehhhh… maybe hype, but when makeup artists I know and trust are raving about them , I KNOW it’s not just hear’say.

 I was lucky enough to be sent the Zoeva rose gold eye set and I think these could be the prettiest-looking brushes I have ever seen. Rose gold is a fusion of pink and gold and it’s kind of become quite *in* lately : think charlotte tilbury packaging, the new shiny brushes from Real Techniques etc etc.

This set consists of 12 eye brushes which covers all the bases and applications that you could want
or need : blending, application, liner, buffing, brows, crease and
. These rose gold brushes are handcrafted perfectly and use a blend of
high quality natural and synthetic taklon hair to ensure the best
application possible. These eye brushes can be used with both cream and
powder products. I tend to stick with the general rule that the
natural-hair brushes are best with powder and the synthetic are best for
cream products. 

The chocolate brown wooden handles ensure easy control and they are nice to hold and use. Make sure when you wash your brushes you only clean the brush bit and don’t soak the handles, as this will shorten their lifespan considerably.  Storage is also important, don’t keep them in any places where they may pick up dust or dirt which can then be transferred onto the face (ewww), I keep them in diptyque jars at home which also stops the hairs from being squashed and the brush shape stays nice and true.

Zoeva brushes, including this showpiece set is available on one of my favourite *pro* makeup artist websites Lovemakeup. I say pro because it has lots of unique and nifty products that are makeup artist must-haves, a lot of brands you may have never heard of alongside the bigger brands. It’s not exclusive ; anyone can shop there: It’s absolutely brimming with holy grail makeup artist products and I love love makeup (!). 

This set costs £56.95 and that is a BRILLIANT PRICE considering I have one eyeshadow brush that costs over £100 on it’s lonely own…gulp. I am that in love with these brushes that I am going to treat myself to that Rose Gold face brush set they also do.

 Believe the hype : Zoeva is an amazing price, great quality and they have a huge range of brushes to choose from.