Winter Skin Treats | Tinted lip balms.

Winter skin = Dry/chapped lips. It just comes hand in hand so get on top of it before the flakiness really creeps in. A tinted lip balm is a great alternative to a pigment-rich lipstick in the colder months which can accentuate your dry lips or simply make it worse. With a tinted lip balm, you get that burst of hydration and hit of one.

MAKEUP ARTIST TIP: Often you will get on-set to find a model has really dry lips and you need to sort them out PRONTO! To smooth and exfoliate chapped lips quick and effectively, I use a lip scrub all over the lips, then take it off with some cotton wool with water, and add a really nourishing balm, such as Dr Lipp. If the lips are still a bit scaley then I simply exfoliate again straight over the Dr Lipp which adds another step of hydration.

 There are so many to choose from so here is a handful of my favourites, from budget to high end….super sheer to a bit brighter:

Maybelline Baby Lips (£2.99)

A great budget tinted balm, with 8-hour hydration and SPF20. This is one of my favourite shades and packs quite a punch of colour (no pun intended) of a pastel blue-pink.

Benefit Cha Cha Tint* (£14.99)

One of the more expensive choices of lip balm but worth the extra cash splash. This leaves a beautiful coral hue and contains mango butter & sodium hyaluronate to nourish and hydrate. I want to collect the other shades from Benefit!

Burts Bees (£4.99)

Great for natural skincare lovers and this is probably the BEST value for money. High street prices for a really great quality balm that leaves lips really nice and hydrated. Pink Blossom is a really natural ‘lip colour’ shade that just looks like you have really natural, nice-coloured lips!

Lanolips Lemonaid (£9.18)

This is a super rich hydrating lip balm with a tint of pale shimmer. Contains organic lemon oil to  naturally exfoliate the lips to leave them super soft & medical grade lanolin to keep lips really hydrated and drenched with sheen. Has slight tingly sensation because of the lemon oil.

Origins Drink Up (£16)

This is probably the most ‘lipgloss-like’ formula that I use that has a really light tint of colour. Contains avocado oils and apricot kernels to deliver hydration. I see that Origins do a bunch of shades in this, but can’t seem to see which colour this is?! Think it was a limited edition breast cancer one.

PIXI Shea butter lip balm (£8)

As the name suggests this hydrates with Shea butter and also contains Vitamin E. I think I got this one in a Birchbox recently…and have been using loads – the colour is quite punchy and it feels like I am wearing a lipstick as opposed to a gloss. Check out the other shades that PIXI do, as I think they have a great selection!

Barry M Core Blimey (£3.49)

I thought this would be a lot softer in colour than it comes out – don’t you think from the photo of the lip balm / lips almost look like they aren’t the same colour. A pleasant surprise though as I love this pastel pink barbie shade and it leaves a nice trace of sheen on my lips. Also contains SPF15.


Rimmel Keep calm and  Lip balm (£2.99)

Not THE most hydrating out of all of the ones that I use, but I just really like the nude finish of it. It just slightly tones down your natural lip colour.

DIOR Lip Glow (£23.50)

This is my third tube of this and I have used it for years – love it! It has a lovely glossy finish and this balm, looks pale pink in colour in the bullet but then will add a depth of colour to any lip tone with some clever colour-adapting technology. I tried it on the back of my hand and it turns a completely different colour!

Soap & Glory Mighty Mouth (£8)

This feels more glossy than balmy but leaves a beautiful naked pink finish on my lips and contains over 70% moisturisers to leave lips drenched in hydration. I also like the squeezy tube application which I find quick and easy to slick on when I’m on the go.

 Just basically realised I’ve shown you 50 shades of pink pretty much – but I love each and every one for different reasons! I think if I had to choose my top three it would be the Dior LipGlow, Burts Bees and the Maybelline Baby Lips. What is your favourite colour and do you have a favourite tinted balm for when your lips feel dry?