Neal’s Yard [Frankincense Intense cream].

Neal’s Yard are bringing out this new addition in September. It’s a continuation of their current frankincense range but this is in a tier on it’s own, with it’s new technology, it’s the most anti-ageing and advanced yet.

 Neal’s Yard is a wonderfully British and classic apothecary brand, and it’s one of the oldest within the UK. I think along with these, people may assume that is just smells nice and is in pretty jars, but the technology behind creams like this, bring it up to the forefront of the anti-ageing race with your more commonly known brands found in shiny department stores.

The technology in the new frankincense intense harness the powerful stem cells from the gardenia plant and this works together with a potent 3-peptide complex to provide multiple layers of anti-ageing. Collagen production is re-ignited more efficientyly and skin thus becomes less slack, firmer and younger-looking. As with the traditional Neal’s Yard skincare, this also uses traditional essential oils to add an aromatherapy element…nourishing, calming and soothing.

[HOLD UP what is a 3-peptide complex? Peptides that are used in skincare are basically ‘messengers’. They don’t specifically, let’s say, produce collagen, but what they will do is send a message to your collagen-producing skin cells and tell them to start. ‘Produce some collagen YO!’ kinda thing. There are HUNDREDS of types of peptides that all do specific things, so one peptide can only send one message, hence why skincare will often use multiple peptides so it targerts different anti-ageing concerns. A 3-peptide complex will be targeting 3 main concerns.]

Key ingredients in Frankincense Intense

Frankincense – This helps skin tone and the look/ appearance of the skin

Gardenia plant stem cells – Boost collagen production & reduces collagen breakdown

3-peptide complex – Helps boost the production of collagen, in turn, firming the skin

Essential oils – Baobab, Macadamia, Grapeseed, Tumeric

Organic Argan oil – Contains 80% Fatty Acids to nourish and protect the skin. Also loaded with antioxidants to prevent environmental damage and fight free radicals. The benefits of argan oil on the skin are endless!

So this is tradition aromatherapy mixed with technology. Brand values and ethos are never compromised with Neal’s yard, everything they do is highly sustainable, non GMO, eco-friendly and preserves bio-diversity. yay.

 Frankincense Intense will be out in September and priced as a reasonable £55. Now personally this is not the cream for me, it’s a little too rich for my oily/breakout skin for everyday use, although potentially I can use this for a night cream a few times a week. It smells divine and I would say this cream would be absolutely brilliant for those, perhaps 35 yrs plus with normal-dry skin. Is there a Neal’s Yard product I should be trying? Any recommendations for an oily/combination skin would be welcome.