Review : Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara.

The mascara that you have probably seen everywhere.

The Urban Decay Troublemaker mascara is one of their newer launches and I think I’m not alone in saying that Urban Decay aren’t *really known* for their mascaras but I think this could be a bit of a game changer for them.

First up, it’s definitely the best mascara that I have tried from them. The packaging is as spangly as expected ; holographic, prismatic, multi-coloured and just a little bit fancy looking. It is double-walled (a floating-like effect) which feels and looks really luxurious.

The wand is like nothing that I already have. On appearance it looks pretty standard but on one side, (which is hard to capture in my snaps) the bristles are longer and wispier ; this is so you can grab both the upper and lower lashes with ease. It has been designed to comb, separate and give volume so has lots of intricate hooks within the bristles to coat and part the lashes. It is a silicone wand, which are always my preferred, as I just find these work better on my lashes as opposed to synthetic bristles.

It promises to give you thicker and more volume to your lashes and the formula of the mascara is such so you can really layer it over layer and it won’t clump up….well for at least 4 applications in my case anyway. As with any mascara, there will always be a breaking point of how many layers you can continuously apply before it starts looking clumpy on the lashes. It’s a nice wet, build-able formula…it coats my lashes quickly and easily and the wand/bristles make it easy to control.

My lashes are naturally very short and not impressive by any means, which is why I need to show you both and before and after shot ; the after shot may not be ridiculously impressive to some but it does help my sparse lashes quite dramatically, and for me, this mascara is really good. It is a long wear (non waterproof) formula, and I didn’t experience any problems with it : It stays smudge free on me all day, and removes relatively easily with some oil-based makeup remover.

The Urban Decay Troublemaker mascara costs £19.50 and is available here.

Have you got your hands on this mascara yet?! What is your current favourite?