Hair Repair Treatments for Damaged Locks.

Is you hair dry, damaged, bleached 0r overprocessed? I am sure around 80% of you would holla a big YES with me. Many years of hair straightening, not protecting, keeping up with that pastel hair trend has left my hair pretty savaged : I need to invest in my haircare and treatments to try and keep my hair strong, healthy & soft.

So if you want your hair more nourished, thicker, stronger, longer & smoother then look no further as I have you covered.


The best hair growth treatment I have tried is the Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum Intense. My friend gave me this as a present and I had never seen or heard of the brand before yet since then I have seen it pop up on many blogs and in magazines. I have been using this for maybe 6 weeks now and I can definitely see an improvement on the thickness and fullness of my hair. They do 2 versions with this being the more intense and concentrated of the 2. After using this I am really intrigued by the rest of the products from Grow Gorgeous so if you have used and have any recommendations then do let me know below!


Every time I moan to my hairdresser about my dry hair from the bleaching process they say 2 things : Olaplex and Oil. I’m too late for Olaplex but I have been using the Michael Van Clarke 3 more Inches Magic Oil around 3 times a week after washing AND also as a smoothing styler on my dry hair when it’s a bit fuzzy. This, I think, is a better version of the Moroccanoil (no silicones!) and is infused with a concentrate of natural oils which nourish and smooth the hair strands. You only need a few drops of this concentrate and I love the travel-friendly 50ml bottle.


The Rita Hazan Triple Threat Split End Hair Therapy is a hair repair complex that targets snaps and breakages and smoothes existing damage and also works to protect and prevent further split ends. This can be used on both wet and dry hair and daily if required, and through the mid-lenth > ends.  It also contains a UV protection, anti-fade (for colour) AND heat protection for styling. Rita Hazan is Queen Beyonce hair stylist so she knows her stuff!


Sooooooo what do opt for if you have an array of the ‘unblessed hair’ problems? The Stemm Density Stimuli is a great high-potency serum that helps with the overall health of the hair : thickness, fullness, scalp & density. It contains a concentrate of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, peptides & caffeine. You can use this every single day and it is a lightweight serum that is to be massaged in directly to your scalp, preferably in the PM, as it;’s not to be washed out. Stemm is a Deciem brand so you can expect active, no-nonsense ingredients, zero fillers AND a reasonable price.

Send me your recommendations if you like to use hair treatments and/or have damaged hair like myself.