Vita Coco Coconut Oil : A Multi-faceted Wonder Balm.

Coconut oil has been a bit of an in-vogue *in-gredient* product this year ; the surge in healthy eating and trends saw it become readily available in pure form in most supermarkets and health stores, and it’s a product I have had in my kitchen cupboard for quite some time. Not only can you cook with it, fry with it and spread it onto your toast as a healthier alternative to butter and your ‘typical’ oils such as olive and vegetable, but it is a wonderful and versatile beauty balm that can be used in multitude of ways.

Vita Coco Coconut oil is a cold-pressed and organic formula which is one of the best and purest you can buy. You may know this brand for their infamous coconut water which was one of the first mainstream ones to hit the supermarkets and have use all questioning our sanity when spending £3 for a non-alcoholic beverage. The coconut oil from Vita Coco is one of the best with it being cold-pressed, virgin, raw & organic coconut oil. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Cold-pressed oils ensure that they aren’t heated above a certain temperature which can than in turn lose a lot of it’s health benefits. The Vita Coco one is also not refined, processed or scented as some of the cheaper ones can be. Coconut oil naturally contains lots of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Choline, Lauric Acid & Iron.

Benefits of pure Coconut Oil :

Skincare & Body.

It is an effective moisturiser for the skin and can be used all over the body, in particular, dry and problematic areas that are prone to sensitivity. You can slather this white potion on your face as a mask, a body cream, on your cuticles and any dry and flaky bits of skin to soothe in seconds. It will go from solid to oil when you apply it to the skin and melts in easily…you can even use it on your legs to shave!

It can also work as a makeup remover, simply massage it over the face & eyes and into the lashes..and remove with a warm muslim to get rid of any residue. As it is a really natural/organic product it won’t give you adverse side effects.


It is an excellent hair treatment and can penetrate into the hair shaft to strengthen, prevent breakage and hydrate. Use it all over the hair (in small amounts…a little goes a long way!) for 15 minutes as an intense mask or simply apply it into dry hair, focusing on the ends to smooth ,tame & gloss.

Cooking. Health. Weight Loss.

Coconut oil can be utilised & broken down by the body easier than other cooking oils including sunflower, olive & vegetable oils therefore it has less chance of being stored in fatty tissues. Try switching up your normal oils with a tub of coconut oil for a month and see the difference!

Antibacterial & Anti-Viral.

It contains high levels of Lauric Acid which has huge antimocrobial properties. This can help prevent certain diseases and also kills off viruses and a high number of bacteria. My good pal has had sinus problems for years & years and the doctor suggested she replaces her butter and oil with Coconut oil and it has helped her SO much it’s quite unbelievable.


It can help improve the digestive system and in turn help with stomach-related problems including IBS. also helps the absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids you ingest.

Vita Coco Coconut oil costs just £9.99 for a humungous 500ml jar. Have you joined the coconut oil revolution yet?!