Benefit They’re Real Magnet Mascara : Review with Before and After Photos.

Benefit They're Real magnet mascara review before after

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Hi my friends! I wanted to quickly whack up a review on here about the new Benefit They’re Real Powerful Lifting & Lengthening mascara (ok that’s a mouthful). I’ve been chatting about it a bit over on Instagram and did a quick try-on there if you want to check it out but here is more information, how I’m feeling a couple of weeks on about it and the ever-important before and after pictures!

Strap in for my full review of the Benefit They’re Real Magnet mascara.

First up shall we talk quickly about the original Benefit They’re Real mascara. I mean, we can’t NOT. This mascara was such a game-changer when it launched way-back-when, I think we’ve all tried this at one time in our lives, I think it was the best-selling high end mascara for YEARS and people went a little mad for it. I have to say……it wasn’t my absolute favourite! Yes, I did like it for sure and used it for ages, but I did much prefer the Benefit Bad Gal Bang mascara when that launched and for me that’s not only my favourite Benefit mascara but it’s actually probably one of my top 5 of all time! Love it. Anyway, I found the original Benefit They’re Real mascara great for lengthening and separating but I couldn’t get enough thickening from it for my preference. I was thinking the newer magnet formula may be a little better.

Benefit They’re Real Magnet mascara (powerful lifting and lengthening!):

Ok so let’s chat about what this new mascara is promising: 

‘Providing flutter-worthy length for up to 36 hours, the mascara is powered by a magnetic force that draws out lashes to extreme lengths, making them look up to 40% longer’

‘Providing ultimate length and lift, the formula applies with an innovative extender brush with a magnetically charged core that pulls the magnetic mineral enriched formula up and out beyond the tips of lashes for extreme length & powerful lift. The custom-designed zigzag bristles are strategically positioned to capture every lash, separating and defining for a fanned-out look.’

•93% said it was extremely lengthening

•95% said it lifts & lengthens lashes up & out

•93% said it gives lashes fullness and length

Benefit They're Real magnet mascara review before after Benefit They're Real magnet mascara review before after Benefit They're Real magnet mascara review before after

My review:

So as always, BOLD and BIG claims coming from Benefit. Literally using magnet technology and I’m kind of baffled by that?! The wand is magnetically charged and it does some magic with the formula to give the length and pull. It’s definitely the first time I’ve heard of a brand doing something like this….so if anything it’s 100% innovative and interesting!

I found it a lot better to use than the original They’re Real. The formula seems a little thicker and easier to build and I can get that fullness I desire. It still has a similar silicone wand that gives great separation and really wraps and coats the lashes. I am usually layering two to three coats when wearing this mascara and it gives me the desired effect as in the photos. It 100% gives length to the lashes, I’m not sure if it’s 40% longer for me but it’s a lengthening look for sure.

It stays on well on me and doesn’t smudge ALTHOUGH a makeup artist friend of mine has found it transfers on her so I’d be interested to hear your thoughts if you have tried it. I have mentioned this before but I am quite lucky with mascara and staying power – I rarely get transfer on droppage but it can be so different for everyone depending on your lash length and skin surrounding your eye area.

Benefit They're Real magnet mascara review before after Benefit They're Real magnet mascara review before after

I think it’s a great all-round mascara and I know a lot of people would find this easy and fuss-free to use and it definitely gives you the results. It’s marketed as an ‘extreme and powerful lengthening’ mascara and it definitely gives length to the lashes and that little bit of thickening. I think it’s a good all-round mascara and probably my second favourite now from Benefit. I much prefer it to the original They’re Real but Bad Gal Bang is still the one for me!

What do you think of the Benefit They’re Real Magnet mascara? Have you tried it or are you tempted? It’s available now from Look Fantastic for £24.