A Clever Makeup Brush Cleanser from LUSH.

I have no idea if this is common knowledge and people have been using this for years, or I have discovered something AH-MAZING …either way I am onto something good here. I haven’t shopped in LUSH for years, I mean years…. I remember loving some of the anti-bac face masks and of course, the gorgeous bath bombs back in the day, but I haven’t used anything from them from some time.

I was in Westfield, Stratford on the weekend (never again) and I wandered in to have a look about. I rediscovered my love and interest for the brand, I was looking at the ingredients, the different products and I’m absolutely going to be going back when I have more time to try some haircare/skincare. Would love any recommendations?

I spotted the solid shampoos bars, and then the tins you can buy to put them in, and it instantly reminded me of the makeup brush shampoos you can buy from Japonesque and also The London Brush Company which are both around the £16 mark. There is around 7-8 different solid shampoo scents you can choose from and I opted for the more ‘fresh/astringent/clarifying’  formula called Squeaky Green which is a blend of cleansing herbs and oils including Rosemary, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Rose and Chamomile. I think this is the best out of all of the shampoo bars to use on makeup brushes as rosemary is a natural antiseptic and tea tree is antibacterial.

It smells wonderful : fresh, clean, and slightly herby ; I’m already obsessed! The way I use it is to lightly dampen my brush and then just swirl it around into the soap so it picks up product and then I manually cleanse the hairs with my hands and rinse it thoroughly. I then rinse any dirt off the top of the soap when I am finished, give it a wipe with kitchen roll, and leave it to dry back into a solid. I can imagine that this is going to last me many months so for just £8 including the tin, I am definitely onto something good here!

I would recommend this to ANYONE not just makeup artists as it’s so easy and fuss-free and I feel like I am treating and looking after my beloved makeup brushes a bit better with this shampoo.