Bioderma Sensibio BB Cream.

French skincare brand Bioderma have a bunch of great products that I love (they do MORE than the cleansing water with the red lid ya know!…) and recently launched into the UK for the first time is their version of a BB cream.

 It sits in their ‘SENSIBIO’ range which, like the infamous cleansing water, is all about anti-inflammatory, sensitive skins, anti-redness and soothing. It is also claimed as the FIRST dermatological anti-redness BB cream (this launched in France over a year ago) ,As with most BB’s, this has a wealth of functions and skin benefits including :

 Reduces and prevents redness : Contains an exclusive patent called ROSACTIV that combats redness by preventing the dilation of small blood vessels.

 – Covers Redness : Contains coated pigments that blend instantly.

Soothes : A cocktail of ant-irritant ingredients including enoxolone, allatoin and canola.

  Evens complexion / Enhances radiance : Iron oxide pigments and powder help smoothe and adapt to the skintone

Hydrates : Canola oil creates a barrier to lock in hydration.

Protects with SPF30 : Contains encapsulated organic chemical mineral filters to protect from UV damage.

Smooths the skin : Reticulated powder leaves a velvety semi-matte finish that leaves the skin looking refined and smooth.

This, as most BB’s comes in just one universal shade, suitable for most skintypes, but obviously not all. They are catering for a typical medium-toned skin, so if you are really pale or anything darker than me with a bit of a tan then I don’t think it will be suitable. It is on the pinkish side in tone which usually isn’t what I opt for but it adapts nicely to my skin and gives a pretty decent coverage for a BB cream. The finish is quite matte, it has quite a thick texture when you blend it but leaves the skin looking very naturally and smooth.

As you can see in the before/after photos it reduces redness and imperfections and what I found quite noticeable, more so than most BB’s I have tried, is that it improved the texture of my skin so my open pores appeared less visible. In the photos I have not used any concealer, it’s just the Bioderma BB cream, but typically I would touch up under the eyes, around the nose and over blemishes with a concealer. I was at the UK launch of this and when pressed regarding the solo shade of this, the Bioderma spokesperson did say they were hoping to extend the colours, let’s just hope this happens as I find it quite sad when a fabulous product like this launches and it doesn’t cater for all. On the flipside, I can see why brands initially go for the ‘mass-market’ but another shade or two would be great.

I only have a small little sample tube of it, but the full size comes in a 40ml tube and costs £14.50, and you can buy this at Escentual currently for 33% off (£9.66!). That, I think is a really great price especially with the added discount.