Skincare From Within : Totally Derma Collagen Skin & Joint Drink Supplement.

I’ve been a fan of beauty supplements for quite some years now and I honestly believe good skin isn’t just about slathering on your serums, lotions and potions : It really helps to feed and nourish deeper down that what your skincare can go and that means ingesting supplements to get your best skin possible!

Totally Derma Collagen Skin & Joint Drink is one of the most advanced I have used, and I saw a definite improvement in my skin, after around 2 weeks of use so I wanted to share this with you and what it does. Plus : it’s scientifically proven which is a huge tick.

This unique supplement works to stimulate the body’s optimum collagen production, elastin, hyaluronic acid and helps address both the physical side of ageing and and internal physiological processes. It’s pretty darn clever. Not only will this work to make your skin look brighter, plumper and more radiant, but this also helps with your nails, hair & joint condition too. I am 36 now, and anything that helps with the general health and condition of my body, the way I feel etc…is so SO important, and I would honestly recommend anyone 30 yrs + to start looking into vitamins, supplements and your general well-being to keep you on top form.

Totally Derma comes in a huge tub and it is in powdered form, you simply mix one scoop (comes within) into water / juice and get it down the hatch. It tastes…..ok, I am yet to come across a drink supplement that tastes great unless it’s filled with artificial flavours and sweeteners so I am fine with something that doesn’t taste *amazing*. I tend to mix it with a bit of squash or in with a shot of water. NOTE : Ideally needs to be taken 2 hours before be for enhanced effects as this is when your body is the most active in collagen synthesis and regeneration.

It contains too many ingredients to list ALL of them here, but a few key ingredients include:

+ Collagen (type I, II, III)


+ Hyaluronic Acid

+ Minerals (Copper, Manganese, Zinc)

+ Green Tea

+ Alpha Lipoic Acid

The importance of stimulating collagen is vital to good skin health and Totally Derma stimulates the collagen ALL over the body : skin, hair, joints, tendons, ligaments, bone, gut, arteries, urethra, bladder, vagina… so multiple benefits all over the body.

Totally Derma is clinically proven to improve skin condition, improve joints, strengthen hair and nails and also improve the hydration of the whole body. The difference between this and other collagen drinks is that this contains therapeutic doses of each ingredient – no other drink has this claim. One tub is  a one-month supply and it costs £98. Yes, it’s a pretty eye-watering habit and not something that I will be using every month of the year, but perhaps for 3 month stints when I can afford and need a boost.

It’s available to buy at select medi-spa’s and clinics across the UK and also online.