Ole Henriksen : Lemon Strip Flash Peel.

This is my first taster of using anything from skincare range Ole Henrikesen and to be honest I didn’t know much about the range, or the man himself, so I did a bit of swotting up and research…which I will share with you.

Ole Henriksen is a Hollywood (of course) based facialist who has been practising and working for nearly 40 years. He suffered from acne in his youth which triggered his interest in skincare and treatments and has also heavily influenced how he treats the skin. Initially he custom-blended secret formulations for his clients at his spa, but now they are available for all in his huge skincare range.

I am having a dabble with the ‘Lemon strip flash peel’* which is an exfoliating mask/peel. It is a non-abrasive (by that I mean no *scrubby* bits) gel-like mask which exfoliates the skin by using different types of acids and AHA’s. I was immediately excited when I saw it had glycolic and lactic acid as my skin loves these. It also has a powerful cocktail of fruit acids such as lemon (it’s in the name) and orange. I always like to have a look through the ingredient list before I try a product as it tells you what is has a lot of (the first product on the list is the highest % and it graduates down to the least) and this has both glycolic and lactic acid in the top three ingredients so this GREAT and will mimic the results of a professional acid peel.

You apply the gel all over cleansed skin with the brush provided and then leave on for up to 10 minutes. It will tingle? a little which is completely normal, and then you simply rinse off. I have used so many acid-based masks and to be honest this tingled the least so sensitive skins will also enjoy this. I like to use a warm cloth as it gets it off a lot quicker. My skin felt baby soft after using it and looked really good. This is obviously an instant benefit, but this also has long term benefits including increasing your cell turnover and softening fine lines and wrinkles.

If you have really sensitive skin then I would maybe start off only leaving it on for 3-5 minutes and build it up over time so your skin gets used to the acids. I have used these kind of things for 8 years plus so I can actually leave this on for 30 mins with no drama. (to be honest, this has no more benefits than leaving it on for 10minutes as the actives have already done their job, it’s just me being lazy).

This is available from numerous websites online including Mankind (it’s a popular range for the guys!) and FeelUnique priced at £35.