Hello 2022 : Taking a Break, Re-energising + Re-thinking.

Hello! How are you all? I thought I would quickly check-in here and give you a wave – I’ve been very quiet on here, simply because of that January feeling that just won’t seem to shift? Anyone else??

I’ve had chats with quite a few people in DM’s and it seems that so many of us have started this year feeling just a little….shitty. It’s been hard to shake off! I think, for me, it’s a combination of not having motivation, energy and the social media pressure-to-perform has gotten a little too much. I am exhausted. I’ve just moved house after a pretty tough couple of years and I can’t find my mojo! It’s ok, I feel ok and I know I will get it back and feel good again but I’m just giving myself the time that I need….which is seemingly the whole month of January.

I’m still living out of boxes and haven’t got my workspace in order and I feel like that is also a contributing factor to my lack of reviews, news and makeup fun on here and over on Instagram…I also can’t find anything! I feel like I’ll be on top of everything by the end of this month, so I look forward to sharing so much with you then – when I’m ‘me’ again and when I can really put my all into what I love and that’s writing for you and sharing my thoughts on all things beauty + lifestyle.

I put so much of my heart into this little space, and I also want to say thanks for everyone of you who visits this site and for all your support, comments and love over the years – I’ve had a real think about everything over the last couple of months : where my space is, how I can improve and where I want to go with ‘Laura Lou Beauty/Makeup’ : and I think now more than ever…blogs / honest reviews and beauty chat are much needed in this crazy little whirlwind of social media.

I hope you are all well, and are feeling more ‘ready’ than me for what 2022 is going to throw at us! I’m always here if you need to chat and you can DM over on Instagram if you ever need, but the honest, no BS reviews, makeup chat and fun will resume very soon!


Laura x