The Caroline Hirons’ Skin Rocks Monthly Boxes Are HERE!

Caroline Hirons Skin rocks monthly box review acidsThis is a very much long-awaited launch in the beauty and skincare sphere : The Caroline Hirons’ Skin Rocks Monthly Beauty Box. No subscription, no commitment, skincare-focused and theme-driven.

First up, let’s chat ‘Skin Rocks’ : This is an extension of the Caroline Hiron’s blog and brand. Skin-focused but with a heavy input from other experts besides Caroline. A kind of melting pot of skincare authorities, facialists, dermatologists, cosmetic scientists and qualified, no-BS experts. Conversations, discussion and debunking skincare myths to make it easy, accessible  and educational for beginners and all.

Alongside telling you what your skin may need, they will also be telling you what you do not. I have been working in the beauty industry for over 16 years now, a lot of that time I’ve been working with big skincare brands getting in-depth training and insights : even I get confused with all these new skincare crazes and ‘must-haves’ and 25-step routines so I can’t imagine what it may feel like when you aren’t a cosmetic scientist!

The Beauty Rocks boxes are ‘themed’ and tailored towards a certain person / skin need every month. The first drop? ACIDS. This is the Skin Rocks Acid Box and I think a great one to begin with as this is a product that you will be very familiar with if you follow / listen / read Caroline’s content. I really think she has had a lot of influence with acids in skincare becoming so very popular over the last few years. Way back when, we had the PIXI toner and a few brands did pads but now we are inundated and almost overwhelmed by the enormous choice we have now for acids in skincare.

This box is not targeted for you if you are an acid user already : this is for those wanting to dip their toes in, are maybe confused and overwhelmed by acids, and have no fucking idea where to start.

Caroline Hirons Skin rocks monthly box review acids


The box comes nicely packaged, no excessive waste or plastic : and the skin rocks ‘wrapping paper’ is secured tightly to keep all your products packed safely within. It has a leaflet to tell you more about the products.

Step 1.) Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm 100ml full size (including cloth)

A great all-round cleansing balm. This is the original, best-selling version from Elemis (they do 4 now!) and it’s a great first cleanse to remove SPF, makeup, daily grime and build-up. Can be used morning / evening and is suitable for all skin types unless of course you don’t get on with fragrance or essential oils. 

Step 2.) Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Peel OR Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel.

You get both to try. 3 sachets/uses in each. Even for me, a pretty hardcore acid user AND I’ve been using them for many years….I still love the fact there is the sensitive version in this as I can use it when my skin is a little meh and reactive. I’ve recently had a reaction to an SPF so I’m laying off the stronger acids and the gentle version will be perfect for me for a week of use!

If you are a *proper* acid virgin or newbie (hey this box IS for you) then it is recommended you start with the gentle ones and move onto the normal ones to allow your skin to adjust and get used to the BHA’s and AHA’s within. The ultra gentle pads have 3 BHA’s/AHA’s the universal version have 5.

Step 3.) Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Cream Mist 110ml.

Never used this product before, already love it! Contains a complex of 5 ceramides that nourishes and hydrated, rebuilds the skin barrier and just gives you that boost. It sprays beautifully, a really nice fine mist and this can be used under your skincare (before serum) after your acids and over makeup if you want a little hydration pick-me-up throughout the day.

Step 4.) REN Vita-Mineral Daily Supplement Moisturising Cream 50ml.

I LOVE REN moisturisers. I think they are just such an easy addition to any skincare routine and always just ‘work’. They marry well with other brands, layering, under makeup and just seem to suit most skin types. This is their most versatile ‘for everyone’ formula and it’s just a great hydrator for AM and/or PM.

There is also a discount code to use against Ultrasun if you wanna top on your SPF – a nice little touch!

Caroline Hirons Skin rocks monthly box review acids Caroline Hirons Skin rocks monthly box review acids Caroline Hirons Skin rocks monthly box review acids

This is a very simple morning regime to get you started on that acid vibe, and the products accompanying are perfect to balance, soothe and nourish the skin. Simple and easy, I don’t think it’s complicated or overwhelming. I love the fact that there is a THEME with every monthly box so you can opt in and snap one up if you so wish. Not all of them will be for everyone.

The KITS vs Monthly Boxes.

Caroline has been doing her quarterly kits for some time now….which are incredible, give you a FULL (& more!) skincare regime and *unreal* savings. They are usually around the £300 mark so obviously not accessible for all and I know a lot of skincare freaks (!) / lovers and junkies have been yearning for something a little smaller and lighter on the wallet. Hello Skin Rocks monthly boxes : this is what us bitches have been waiting for! These are also great for someone like me (and you) if you are already really into your skincare and don’t need that full overhaul ; the monthly boxes are more basic and succinct than the quarterly kits. Wait for the kits if you want a full, put-together routine with the biggest savings.

The next month’s theme is going to be PEPTIDES and Caroline let us know on her introductory Instagram Live that the month after will be TEENAGERS. I’m very much looking forward to the rest of these and will eagerly wait until there is another one that will suit me and my needs at the time. I would be really interested in a skincare-makeup hybrid vibe at some point : a bit of Trinny London, Elemis Superfood Glow Priming moisturiser, Erborian BB eye cream….not that I am trying to curate a dream box in my head or anything…but ya know.

The Skin Rocks Acid Box launched today (19.4.21) 6pm GMT over on Caroline’s shop and costs £70. The value of the box is £128 so that’s a near 45% saving! 

*This post contains a press sample.