My ELODIE Mother & Baby Style + 10% discount code!

Elodie Details is a really cute Swedish design brand founded in Stockholm in 2005. The founder, created the range after she had a baby as she wanted to create functional fashion accessories that were durable, stylish and sustainable.

Lots of the products are multi-functional with an emphasis on up cycling them and slowing down consumption and re-purchasing.

I felt so lucky when the Elodie Details reached out to me and I got the chance to choose a few items from the new Weaves of Kindness‘ collection from the website to try out. It was actually so hard to choose as they really do so many great products and I wanted so much! You know when you go onto a brand’s website and it just connects with you and you know it’s ‘your’ kind of brand : from the prints and patterns, the beliefs and imagery. It’s so pretty!

I chose the Rain Cover (Wild Paris print)as the weather at the moment over her in the U.K is kind of WILD! There has been so many storms, so much rain and it’s coming into shower season anyway so I definitely needed something I can carry on the pram that is lightweight but I can whip over the pram when I’m out and about and caught in the showers.

I absolutely LOVE the leopard-print-esque design. It’s VERY me and the slightly green-ish hue of the design matches perfectly with my khaki colour scheme on my pram.

I used it for the first time just last week and it was really easy to put on and i think the main thing for me is that it folds up really small into a little zip-bag you can attach to any pram. The bugaboo one is not only reallllllly pricey but it’s a little bulkier and tricker to attach where as this one you can literally sling it over the pram in seconds. I would say it’s definitely for when you are caught in a shower as opposed to out in the rain for a long time as the material is very thing (although waterproof) and the peephole/window for the baby/toddler is quite small but it’s fine for short periods. Margot likes to see everything and was a little grizzly when she was in there for more than 10 minutes.

Next up and possibly my favourite is the Hooded Towel in the mineral green bunny design. Anything with ears, ANYTHING with ears! Does anyone else share this obsession?! This is a really sweet towel and is still a good size for Margot and she is coming up to 18 months.

I would say it’s ideal for newborn baby > 2 years depending on how big your babe is ; Margot is very long so I think she may outgrow is quite soon but the quality is lovely and of course, the bunny ears are just so adorable. This would make a perfect newborn gift for a boy or a girl.

I also picked up this sunhat and I upsized this (2-3yrs) as by the time we get our UK summer i think it’ll be perfect for Margot although a little large now. I love the cat design obviously and it has the really cute ‘kindness is my super power’ across the back which I love. The back of the sun hat is long so it will cover the neck and give really good coverage all round. Can’t wait to see Margot in this!

As an extra, I also got sent a little surprise candle (they know the way to my heart) which is the ‘Lullaby’ Nesting Candle. It is a beautiful soy wax, hand-poured candle which is eco-friendly and also a define ‘up-cycler’ as you can use the pretty jar for plant pots / storage after use.

It has subtle notes of lily blossoms, vanilla, amber and sandalwood and is designed to soothe and act as a lullaby for the senses. I burn this in the living room in the day or sometimes in my makeup room and it’s a really wonderful scent, not too over-powering. Just as an FYI I wouldn’t ever burn a candle in a nursery.

What do you think of my picks from Elodie? Let me know if you spot anything on their website that you think is cute! I also have a little 10% OFF discount code for the whole of March is you don’t have your eyes on anything. The code is LAURALOU10. ENJOY!

*Contains gifted items.