April Beauty Favourites.

Say whaaaaaat! It’s basically summer. Where is this year going and why haven’t I completed my April ‘blog task list’ which I had every intention of doing this month AND it’s been mercilessly rolling over since January. Le Sigh. I’ve had a relatively quiet month, blog-wise ; I’ve had a bit of *bloggers block* and have been feeling a little uninspired in the blogging world of late due to various reasons. MOJO come back please!

However, I’m still using ALL the products like a crazy women so here are my best things from the month :

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Peel pads. This is one of my new favourite skincare brands at the moment. I have used a few of the products (ferulic-retinol serum and these pads) for many years but they have some amazing new launches, namely the hyaluronic range which I am lusting for. These pads are an exfoliating system that uses AHA’s and BHA’s to smooth and refine your skin and can be used daily if you like. I think these are the best acid pads I have used thus far!

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Hype Hype! I love Sunday Riley and I tend to buy anything she launches as the skincare tends to work for me. On paper, this isn’t my every-day-cream as it’s quite rich BUT I am loving it as a PM treat instead of an oil a few times a week. It’s a lovely buttery whipped texture, it brightens and tightens the skin and it smells of heaven in a jar. The best Vitamin C cream about. <IMO.

Sarah Chapman Rapid Radiance Cleanse. I haven’t used a *huge* amount of Sarah Chapman but THIS is has seemingly been made just for me : I absolutely love this cleanser-mask-brightening treatment-hybrid. It combines acids + clays to brighten, detox and refresh the skin so PERFECT for dull skins. If you like Ceramic slip >  this could be one to try.

Byredo Mojave Ghost. Ohhhhh Byredo I love you so! The candles, the perfumes…..I have loved everything I have tried from this brand and I’ve never known a fragrance brand where I would happily wear 98% of the scents (1996 you ain’t for me). Mojave Ghost is woody and fresh and perfect for a daily scent for those who don’t like anything too floral or sweet.

Benefit They’re Real mascara. Not gonna lie, I actually didn’t really like this mascara that much when I first used it ;  I think I listened to the hype too much and was just expecting it to do my lashes perfectly AND tell me I’m beautiful at the same time. I’ve come back to it recently and I’m actually REALLY getting on with it – I like a silicone wand in general and I find this really easy to control and gives me great seperation and volume.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I was always hearing this was a great budget concealer so picked one up a few weeks ago : LOVE! It’s not just a good ‘budget’ mascara, it’s just a good concealer for any level of budget. I think I actually prefer this to the NARS radiant creamy concealer.

Benefit Precisely My Brow pencil. It’s been a busy work month : I’ve been spending less time on my makeup lately and rather than my 5-product brow routine (you can watch this here on my You Tube channel!) I’ve been refining it down to 2 : This speedy pencil from Benefit, plus a brow gel to finish. I just find it quick and easy to give a natural brow finish with hair-like strokes as the pencil is nice and fine.

Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint. I have used this for many years but it’s only really when my skin is nice and clear that I use it often : and I’m having a good skin month! It gives a light foundation coverage more than a tinted moisturiser and gives a wonderful healthy glow on the skin.

Bareminerals GEN Nude Matte Lip colour > Still liking a lot. Love these textures and think they are some of the best on the market. They apply creamy and dry to a matte, full-pigment finish. So many nude lip shades to choose from and I love SMOOCH, a soft pretty blue-pink.

Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower oil. Did you know I have a bath EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT?! I have been doing so for around 6 months now and I honestly love my evening ritual. I feel quite anxious and stressed most days and a good 45 minute soak every night, with a candle, podcast and a lovely bath oil : is literally working wonders! It’s 80% of the time an Aromatherapy Associates bath & shower oil that I use (my bank balance does not love) BUT they are simply the best and Deep Relax is the ultimate soothing, unwinding and relaxing blend of oils.

The Hayo’u Method Body Restorer. That’s the strange looking metal thing right there. This is a massage tool that helps micro circulation and eases tension over the body. It also aids lymphatic drainage so is helping to firm and smooth my body and get me looking a little more ship-shape and feeling more body confident. It’s based on ancient Chinese herbal medicine techniques of Gua Sha self massage and it has numerous benefits not just making you feel good. Please check out The Hayo’u Method website for all the info and lots of stress-busting techniques.

Scott Cornwall Colour Restore ‘Candy’. Pastel hair woes = The colour fades before you’ve even left the house so you need to refresh and re-colour pretty much once a week to keep it pastel candy-coloured and not overly bright. I go through these kind of colours by the TONNE and the one of the moment is the Candy tone from Scott Cornwall – It’s a perfect Rose Gold (< sorry overkill, but true) shade and I am using it by simply applying it onto my dry hair about 15 minutes before I shampoo/condition it and it gives a perfect revive to my colour.

Have you tried any of the above products? Perhaps you didn’t love them as much as me?!