Facial Cleansing | Crystal Clear Ionic Sonic Cleanse

I have been using the Crystal Clear Ionic Sonic Cleanse for a good 3-4 weeks now so I wanted to share with you my thoughts on this cleansing brush. There are SO many cleansing brushes on the market now ; I think the first would have been the Clarisonic which hit the shelves in the UK around what, 4 years ago? Since then we have had versions from Clinique, Darphin, Magnitone ….the list goes on…and on…and on, so if a brand are bringing out any kind of cleansing brush right now, it NEEDS to have something a little more unique to it to capture the beauty lovers’ attention. I am pretty sure the Ionic Sonic Cleanse has stepped up and has it’s own unique place in the cleansing brush market.

The Ionic Sonic Cleanse is a cleansing ‘system’ that helps to both cleanse AND exfoliate the face & body. The mechanism combines negative ions and ultrasonic action that pulls toxins & pollutants away from the surface of the skin to ensure maximum cleanliness. It has 3 speed settings so you can tailor it to your skin’s needs for every-day cleansing and is suitable for sensitive skin. The actual ‘brush’ is made of silicone and you never need to change or replace the head, you simply just rinse it off. 

It is different to the cleansing brushes I know and have, in the fact that you don’t just use face wash with this brush, but also exfoliator and moisturiser with it too!
Let me explain…for every day cleansing, you just wet the head, apply
cleanser and massage over the face. ONCE a week you then follow this
step with the exfoliator. All other times, after cleansing, you
clean/dry off the brush, apply moisturiser over your face (with hands)
and then massage in the face cream with the Ionic Cleanse. This sounds
strange, but I totally *get* the benefits of facial massage and it
really does wonders to the skin! When I do steps 1-2-3 with this brush, my skin feels absolutely insane, like I have had a facial.


The light massaging action of the mechanism when you use it to apply your moisturiser will help stimulate the facial muscles, tone, relieve tension, allow skincare to absorb better AND will generally make your skin have a more firm & youthful appearance. I am a huge devotee and believer in facial massage and it’s one thing that really works for me.

There are a few negatives for me with this brush and these are as follows ; It is not fully waterproof (just the head) so cannot be used/kept in the bath/shower. I like to use my cleansing brush in the AM and usually in the shower, just to save a bit of time, with the Ionic Sonic Cleanse, I have to do it before I get into the shower. Maybe not a huge negative, but slightly irksome is the fact that it is battery-operated as opposed to re-chargeable, although I am sure you rarely will have to change the battery’s.

Time could possibly be an issue ; I have a Clarisonic (mia) and have had it for 3 years but I got a bit bored of it after a few months and it currently is sitting on my bathroom shelf looking a little sad and lost. The Sonic cleanse WILL take longer than your normal/standard cleansing brush as you can’t take it into the shower AND you need to remember to dry it off for moisturiser application.  HOWEVER, I still think the positives of how my skin feels and looks after a month of use out-weigh the time issue ; It probably takes an extra 4 minutes out of your day, 5 with the exfoliation step. We can do this!

 It comes with it’s own cute bag, cleanser, exfoliator and skin repair moisturiser in pack, but you can use any of your skincare favourites if you don’t fancy these. The Crystal Clear Ionic Sonic Cleanse costs a very reasonable £69.99 and is available here.

Have you got any type of cleansing brush? Has it made any difference to your skin?