June Favourites.

 WHERE did the month of June even go?! I don’t know about you but it absolutely whizzed by for me.

 I had a lovely break in Tuscany with my husband at the beginning of the month
which was much-needed and very relaxing. Copius amounts of red wine &
pasta was devoured so I am on a strict (ish) detox right now. I also had a
lovely overnight stay @ the much talked about Soho Farmhouse which was
also wonderful. We stayed in a chalet with a couple of friends ;  and it
was absolutely huge! I had the most amazing bath tub in my bedroom and it is
all a abit of an instagrammers dream. I will share with you the pictures and
full details soon. I am going back there next month for another overnight stay
so I cannot wait for that; I would recommend it for anyone who loves a
country-side feel but in luxurious settings.

Beauty-wise, I have so many new bits ; mainly from my shopping habits If I am honest, so beprepared for lots of reviews incoming this month! Firm favourites of June are
as follows :

 Formula X The
I got this from my Sephora haul in florence. I had never heard of
it before but it sounded exactly what I needed for my weak nails ; a treatment
base that helps strenghten, protect and brighten the nails. It has a pretty
soft pink tint to it which leaves the nails looking really healthy and a very
slight pearlescent finish ; perfect to wear alone for a clean finish or
underneath other polishes.

 Benefit Ka
I purchased a few bits from the new Benefit brow range a few weeks
ago. Aside from having a bit of a crappy online ordering/ customer service from
them, the brow products so far, are impressing. I have a full review coming in
the next week but the Ka-Brow in particular has left me really impressed and I
have been using this loads. It is a gel pommade that fills, defines and neatens
my brows perfectly and is relatively easy to use with it’s in-built

 Sleek VIP lipstick ‘Big
I got my hands on these lipsticks from the Whimisical Wonderland
launch and I thought all three shades were beautiful (see full swatches here).
This is probably my favourite shade and the formula is buttery, high pigment
AND they stay put. I haven’t tried any other shades from this range but I know
they do more natural shades if the brights aren’t your thing.

Jacobs #Instamarc Contouring palette
Still loving this matte contour
& highlight powder. A nice breath of fresh air from the shimmery products
that are everywhere and this delivers a much more natural, chic and
‘barely-there’ sculpt on my face. I also love the contour shade as an

Own Sculpt & Glow Highlighter
Have you heard that *Nail brand*
Models Own have launched and full makeup line? It’s pretty darn good (&
from what I have tried and I have been using this Rose Gold
highlighter non-stop. I have so many liquid highlighters, but many of them are
paler, more of a silver/pink shade (think NARS copocabana) so this shade is a
little different and adds a pretty bronze hue to my skin  ; I pump a small
amount in with my daily foundation. There is more info on the Models Own makeup

 I purchased the Benefit
Hoola bronzing brush
way back when in this ridiculous
beauty haul
. I kind of forgot about it if I’m honest, but found it sitting
in it’s box a few weeks ago when I was having a clearout ; it’s such a great
brush! It looks flashy and a bit gimmicky but it’s the perfect size and shape
for natural bronzing and contouring with it’s tapered finish. I have been using
this with my #InstaMarc palette.

What have you been loving lately? Have you tried
any of these products?