Vichy Idealia Eyes : De-puffing & Eye Brightening Eye Cream.

I struggle a little with eye creams, I always have something on the go in my bathroom, but never really fall in love with anything I use, get bored with using or barely see any difference when I do. This little pink tube has grabbed my attention recently and although I have only been using it around a month, I wanted to share with you as I think it’s pretty damn special.I introduce the Vichy Idealia Eyes*

First up the applicator/wand thing. It is a soft silicone spatula looking thing. It has a small hole in the middle through which the product is dispensed once you give the tube a gentle squeeze and then you massage and blend it with the applicator as opposed to fingertips. I really like this idea, of not having to use finger, and especially that you aren’t dipping fingers into tubs which just doesn’t seem overly hygienic over a long period of time. This applicator makes it quick and fuss-free. I have seen this type of applicator on another product (there may be more):the Shu Uemura eye serum which I use in my kit.

I have been using this for nearly a month now, and whilst I cannot say it’s reduced all my lines and makes me look 10years younger (I don’t have any lines around my eyes yet..), what I can see it makes me feel instantly more fresh & lively in the AM with it’s lovely cool feel and it has made me dark circles brighter over the last few weeks. I occasionally wake up a bit puffy and this cream has been quick to reduce puffiness, thanks to the caffeine in it. It’s also good for the more sensitive too as it is hypoallergenic, non comedogenic, paraben free and infused with the signature Vichy thermal water which is super soothing and anti-inflammatory.

 This also is a really good base for makeup/concealer and it sits well under
anything I have tried over it (Benefit Fake UP, EL doublewear concealer,
Amazing concealer, Benefit Boi-ing, Kevyn Aucoin SSE, Dermablend, Laura Mercier Secret concealer)
and has a lovely light texture. This eye cream has instant optical illuminators so you see that instant glow. I may have to get one of these for my kit too.

It is targeted towards though for the first signs of ageing ; I’m a little beyond that as that’s around the 25yrs mark. However they tell me this eye cream good for those who like to ‘Live life to the full yet don’t like to show it..’ = perfect! I think for me, and any of you who may be similar to me, this is all about brightening and awakening the dull eye are. For people with already lines/wrinkles then you would need to go a step up from this.

The Vichy Idealia Eyes costs just £23 for 15ml which is the standard eye cream size. Bear in mind I switched this for my tub of £90 eye cream and I see no difference between the two except I MUCH prefer this applicator. Have you tried this yet? Any must-have eye creams I need to know about?