Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara VS Damn Girl! 24hr Mascara.

Too Faced launched their latest mascara offering a good few months ago now but I was kind of late to the party. I have always been a fan of the best-selling Better Than Sex Mascara which I’ve written about quite a few times on here so I was really intrigued about what they could offer us next in a mascara.

Firstly, I LOVE the packaging of the Damn Girl 24hr mascara ; it’s glitzy, it’s pink, it’s eye-catching-bordering-on-the-good-side-of-trashy…’s VERY Too Faced. Let’s not beat around the bush…they are ALL about the glitz, show-stoppers, tongue-in-cheek names and a touch of drama.

Better Than Sex Mascara (BTS).

Sleek matte pink packaging with a heavy metal case and feel. It’s one of Too Faced signature products and one of the best-selling premium mascaras in the US.

This is a collagen-infused formula that promises to lengthen, thicken and curl with it’s hourglass-shaped brush. It’s a long wear and smudge proof formula. The thing I always find with this mascara and I ALWAYS say it….it gets better after a couple of weeks of use-age ; the formula thickens up and it just works better on my lashes. Previous review right here.

Damn Girl! 24 Hour.

This has a really unique and a pretty cool formula and I think that sets it apart from a lot of mascaras. It is a blacker-than-black mousse-like formula which makes it super lightweight on the lashes when you are applying it and also wearing it. You don’t get that heavy or clumpy feeling like you can with a lot of long wear formulas. It’s a flexible formula so easy to build and somehow your lashes feel soft and comfortable after application.

The wand on the Damn Girl! is a super-sized hourglass wand, so similar to the BTS but bigger in size and fluffier. On closer inspection the bristles seem to be a little softer as well as longer and a little more sporadic in their direction, so lots of crossing over etc.

I am usually NOT a fan of a larger wand but It’s surprisingly easy to control and actually for some reason it works INCREDIBLY well on my bottom lashes which I would have never expected.

It stays on really well for me, doesn’t seem to drop down under the eyes : I can’t vouch for whether or not it stays on for 24hrs or not as it’s been about a decade since I went to an all-night rave but it definitely has good staying power. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again : I REALLY like this formula.

How They Look On.

Here are the pictures of the two mascaras and how they look against each other. Apologies for the bloodshot eyes but I had been doing some makeup looks before this so there was lots of makeup on and off and on and off that day!

There isn’t any mind-blowing difference and I apologise as my lashes are a bit lacklustre anyway so the curl is never big but these are just normally applied and no edited pictures. I think the main difference you can see is the more depth of colour with the Damn Girl! and also a slightly thicker look to the lashes. In real life they did look a little more dramatic than what the picture picks up.

It’s also a LOT easier to build up and layer with the Damn Girl! mascara because of this lightweight whipped-mousse formula. I find with the BTS you have a limited time to build before it dries and you can’t go over it again.

It’s quite a close call and I like elements of them both, but for the time…it’s the Damn Girl! mascara for me.

The formula is definitely better than the BTS. Like I say and say again, I find the BTS mascara gets better after a couple of weeks of use, but then it also hasn’t got a really long shelf life as it will dry out within the 6 months (this is when you should replace anyway!). However, we all love a mascara that you can use for a little longer and I have a feeling the Damn Girl! formula may give us a little extra bit of use. I will have to update in a few months time.

Have you tried either of these mascaras before? Which one are you leaning towards? If you haven’t tried either I would love to know your current go-to as I’m always looking out for new ones to try.

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