Three to Try | Institut Esthederm Skincare.

 I have used the sun care from Institut Esthederm for many years now and it is my absolute favourite in terms of sun protection ; I’m never without my orange bottles on holiday and I swear by this stuff. I tried their skincare many, many years ago, but since then it has be re-vamped and re-formulated and they have a comprehensive range which can be a little bit daunting with the names, so I wanted to just show you 3 key products that I love and will work for anyone and everyone.

 Institut Esthederm is a french *high end* skincare range that is committed to balancing the needs of your skin with the requirements of your lifestyle . With over 35 years of skincare research and 80 proven patented formulas, the formulas are sophisticated, longterm and super active. One of their signature (& patented) ingredients is Cellular Water which is a replica of the water found in our skin cells. Using this as opposed to normal and inactive water, ensures that the product is accepted /utilised efficiently and completely bio-compatible with the skin.

All Esthederm products are made with Cellular Water.

 First up is a makeup artist’s on-set favourite which is the dew Eau Cellulaire Spray. This is a pure concentrate of that fabulous energising water and can be used to layer underneath your skincare /any skincare to boost it’s effectiveness, and over the top of skincare and/or makeup to refresh, hydrate and boost the radiance. Cellular water optimises the skin cells energy & boosts activity and reduces the risk of irritation. Suitable for the most sensitive of skins. This is one of my top skincare pro kit essentials and SO many makeup artists I know cannot be without this.

For a good all-round treatment that cleanses, brightens and exfoliates then the Osmoclean Lightening Buffing Mask is the one to try. It is a thick cream-like formula, so no particles or ‘scrubby bits’, it feels really smooth and a tiny bit clay-like ; I have no other treatment mask like this! Leaves the skin wonderfully bright and smooth after just one use. I apply a decent layer all over my face (must be on clean,dry skin) and leave for a few minutes as I brush my teeth/make my coffee and then massage it off, firstly with my fingertips as you can literally buff this product away once it has dried. Then I will use a warm cloth to remove any excess. You will have insanely smooth skin that you will just keep wanting to touch!

Lift & Repair Eye Contour Lift Patches are the SOS treatment for eye fatigue, puffy bags and dark circles ; fashion week YES, hangover YES, lack of sleep YES, travel YES! These are handy pre-soaked patches that hydrate, smooth the skin, repair and brighten in 5 minutes. Key ingredients include Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid, Escin (stimulates micro-circulation) & skin-repairing peptides. I use these on the occasions when I just feel lacklustre and need a little bit of help to wake up tired eyes. You can leave them on for up to 10 minutes, however you see fit, and once you have removed the patches, simply massage in any excess residue and continue with your normal eye cream. They come in individually wrapped sachets which make them a godsend for travel/ weekends away and the makeup artist kit.

Have you tried anything from Institut Esthederm yet? You can buy their suncare in all Space NK stores, and the skincare is available from BeautyBay & Feel Unique.