Paul & Joe Beauty | Midnight Sangria Collection.

Launched just last month from Paul & Joe Beauty is the Midnight Sangria Collection ; lip glosses, nail polishes and eyeshadow duo’s come in this limited edition range and here is a little look at what it’s about. Inspired by late summer nights, parties, this range reflects decadence and a splash of sensuality. The shades are vivid yet wearable and there is a nice mix of more vibrant/daring shades and a bit more muted for those who like a subtle finish.

There is 5 shades of nail polish, 3 eyeshadow duo’s and 3 lip glosses. The packaging, as always with Paul & Joe is really beautiful….even the boxes are so pretty and you will never be throwing these in the bin! The actual colour of the packaging is a deep wine/brown that for me is actually more wintery and I would have loved to have seen something more bright to reflect the shades inside.

The lip glosses are in a compact formula and they all have a graduation of colour inside so you can custom-blend it to your taste. I have the ‘Strawberry Kiwi’ one which look really unusual, but trust me, it doesn’t turn your lips green, it’s just a really sheer translucent gloss. Ingredients include apricot & olive oils to hydrate and nourish, and brilliant pearl to give that high-shine glossy finish. Personally, I do prefer a gloss in a tube as it can get a bit sticky from a pan but I can see why they have done it as visually it is stunning.

I have not used the nail polishes from Paul & Joe before but this colour ‘Dragon Fruits‘ is absolutely gorgeous and I just love the bottle. I will definitely be adding to this polish collection, even it’s just to sit somewhere looking pretty in my boudoir.

Have you indulged in any Paul & Joe makeup yet? I hear great things about the mascara.