Gucci Foundation Review : Coverage, Wear and Before + After Photos.

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Gucci Foundation Review.

I got my hands on the brand new Gucci Foundation (full tongue-twisting name : Gucci Fluide De Beauté Fini Naturel Natural Finish fluid foundation) a couple of weeks ago and I had a LOT of questions and interest about it over on my Instagram so wanted to bring you a full Gucci Foundation review right here on my blog ; to answer all the questions, show you how it looks, my initial thoughts on it and all the rest in between!

Gucci Beauty.

I have never had ANY Gucci beauty/makeup besides the odd perfume. I didn’t really know much about the makeup and I haven’t even SEEN much online about their makeup which I find quite surprising….I am yet to read a Gucci foundation review and I thought it would be EVERYWHERE by now! The only item I can think has done the rounds a bit is the bronzer?! Aside from that, I haven’t seen a great deal. I certainly didn’t know they even did a foundation!

So there I was a couple of weeks ago, minding my own business, scrolling through Instagram stories, when a Sephora AD popped up on my feed and it had the Gucci foundations on it…..I had never heard or seen these before so I googled, did a quick bit of research and next thing I was on the Selfridges website perusing all the Gucci makeup and getting *lured* in to make a purchase. 

Gucci says :

Created to enhance individual spirit is Fluide De Beauté Fini Naturel, a new line of natural finish liquid foundations. Available in 40 shades, follow the Gucci Beauty Foundation Match Maker to find the one for you.

‘Designed with everyone in mind, the Fluide De Beauté Fini Naturel foundation from Gucci echoes the brand’s ethos for individuality and diversity. How? Through a 40-shade formula that works for all skin types and delivers buildable, long-wearing coverage. Working to subtly blur imperfections while enhancing natural beauty, it keeps skin supple (while sitting lightly on it, too), offers controlled coverage and gives a silky-smooth finish.’ [Selfridges]

I was SUPER nervous to purchase a foundation online, which I had never tried, swatched or knew my shade for….and it costs £46! I ummed and ahhed and just went with it after using the Gucci Foundation Match Maker. I also picked up the mascara and bronzer as I was recommended these by friends and I was just feeling all the lockdown 3.0 and wanted to treat maself ok? OK.

gucci foundation review

Shades + The Gucci Foundation Match Maker.

The Gucci foundation comes in 40 shades which I think is great. They do a mix of I opted for shade 270c in the end which is described as ‘Fair Medium’. The matchmaker seemed to do a pretttty good job although I did opt for a few shades warmer and just kind of gauged it a little. It basically brings up the shades that you can place against your arm to see which one is most-suited to your skin tone.


Ordering & Delivery.

After ordering from Selfridges, I only had a normal delivery and last time I ordered makeup from Selfridges (the Pat McGrath Celestial Divinity Eyeshadow palette) it took maybe 5/6 days to arrive so I was expecting the same. HOWEVER, after ordering on a Monday evening….it appeared the next morning at 11am and I was kinda shocked! Great service and super quick delivery. The only two places that I can see Gucci makeup being stocked at the moment in the UK is either Selfridges and Harrods and I will ALWAYS go to Selfridges if I can as it’s simply my favourite department store and I love their service!

It came delivered in a cute lil’ Selfridges dust bag type thing which I also got for the Pat McGrath palette which I really like! The Gucci makeup packaging is pretty simple, in a deep brown and peachy-pink boxes and pretty unassuming : simple and classic.

The Gucci foundation comes in a 30ml frosted glass bottle. It feel heavy and luxe. The lid is plastic and that signature peachy-pink shade and it has flashes of gold detailing in form of the pump and the writing across the bottle.

gucci foundation review gucci fluide de beaute fini natural

First Impressions.

I have a Gucci foundation review IGTV right here if you haven’ seen it ; that’s my initial unboxing, try on and 1-day wear test. I was super nervous about the shade match and if it would be right for me but it is actually *pretty darn good*. I tried to pick a slightly warmer tone than I am now, as outside of lockdown and ‘normal life’ I’m usually a bit more tanned and at least bother to fake tan so I’m truly at my palest at the moment and I know this isn’t my ‘normal’ tone.

I initially tried the foundation with the Hourglass Veil mineral primer. It applied really smoothly and felt SO very light when applying it. VERY noticeably so. They wanted a natural feel and weightless finish and they’ve absolutely NAILED it. I applied it with a buffing foundation brush (Tom Ford Foundation brush) as I usually do with foundations and it built up nicely and left my skin smooth with a nice medium coverage.

It feels like a typical cream foundation, but applied very different to a typical cream foundation! It somehow applies like a serum but hasn’t got that watery/serum-like texture that some of these foundation have. It’s a big magical!

gucci foundation review shade 270c swatches gucci foundation review gucci fluide de beaute fini natural gucci foundation review gucci fluide de beaute fini natural shade 270c gucci foundation review

Finish + Wear.

The finish of it seems demi-matte. I could feel it drying as I was building it up to test the coverage so definitely not a dewy, glow-getting kinda base. It left my skin looking really nice, and most importantly for me, it gave a natural finish AND I literally could hardly feel it on my skin. Which I really like!

I ended up not having to powder it because of that satin, demi-matte finish it has. It wore really well over the day with only light touch ups and powdering around the nose and I also wore it under a mask with little movement. 

Before + After Photos:

A week on. 

I actually preferred the Gucci Foundation the more I tried it out the rest of the week and found out the best way to apply it for me – and that’s with no primer! I always say it and I’ll say it again…if you prep your skin correctly primers really aren’t necessary and for me, it’s just another layer. The less on the skin the better. When I used it just over my skincare, it had a way better finish as I had a little bit more glow and movement on my skin. I really like it!

So when I first applied it (on my IGTV video) , I used fake tan the night before, as like I explained I know I’m paler now than I ever will be and wanted the shade to be a little warmer…..which it is. I opted for a ‘C’ shade thinking it’s going to be cooler and more pink-toned but I actually find this shade a little more neutral-yellow. Just as an FYI. 

Here I am just showing you how the Gucci foundation shade 270c compares to other well-known bases and shades, in case you want to look/compare or are similar in tone to myself!

Who’s it best for?

I think the finish will vary hugely on your skin type and hoe you choose to prep your skin. I think this would be a great foundation for ALL skin types, particularly those with a normal-combination skin. Dry skins ; just prep/prime as you would normally. As a makeup artist, I would certainly think this suitable for everyone and I would use it on everyone unless a full coverage is needed as this Gucci foundation won’t give you that. I would love to see this on a dry skin so please let me know if you have tried this foundation and what you think of it!

Is it worth it?

It’s certainly a high-end and luxury price point at £46 so I am always going to expect something a little special for this price. It’s 100% worth it for me and I have no regrets! It feels luxurious, it applies really well, it lasts well on me and it’s definitely a foundation that I can see myself wearing quite a fair bit – more so for going out / dinners / when I want to look a little-more-than-my-best than the morning trip to the nursery. Will any of the aforementioned happen this year?! I don’t know but I’m still super glad that I decided to dip my toe into Gucci makeup and can bring you this (hopefully) useful Gucci foundation review. I will talk more about the other bits that I purchased very soon! Side note : I’m really liking them all and I’m VERY tempted about a Gucci lipstick next.

Gucci foundation review

So I hope you enjoyed my Gucci foundation review! Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about it. I’d love to know your thoughts! How do you think it looks?!I checked out the old Gucci makeup and it looks SO different to the newer products coming through. I’m also wondering if they will do a big re-launch and re-brand or they are just slowly bringing us all the new Gucci makeup as and when.

gucci foundation review before and after

In short : A natural finish, satin, demi-matte light-medium coverage, smoothing, high-end foundation that you can barely feel on the skin! 

Feel free to drop a comment and/or ask any questions you may have!