Makeup Tips | Perfect Brows in Easy Steps.

It’s looking like BROWS are never going to go away. The obsession with preening and perfecting them with makeup, tweezers, highlight, gels and anything else we can get our hands on is real and I, myself, have a *thing* with my brows.  I am quite specific about how I like my brows as I have been doing them so long, and personally on myself I do not like the over-drawn/uber perfect instagram brow, I really try and keep texture and realism.. My brows are super sparce and pathetic without any makeup on (see below…..cringe) so I HAVE to wear makeup on them daily and have done for over 15 years, I simply like them to look even, full and like a natural brow.

I am using all Benefit Makeup for this. I purchased all of these products, and
have done for many years… I just think they are really great for their
brow makeup and they cover pretty much everything you need.



  (1) I give my brows a quick brush upwards with a spoolie to see if they need a quick pluck or shape. (If you brow hairs appear really long, you can give them a trim too FYI…YouTube)

(2) First up, I apply my Benefit High Brow. I find it easier to apply before the rest of the brow makeup as I don’t want to smudge it or ruin it after I have done it. The High Brow from Benefit is my most-used makeup product ever and I have used it every single day pretty much since this product launched!! It is an off-white matte highlight that opens up the eye area, lifts the brow and makes everything just look fresh and alive. I literally just draw a rough line all along my brow with it, as below.

(3) Blend out the High Brow to a natural finish. You don’t want it to look chalky or your highlight to look overly vivid.

 (4)  I then apply the Instant Eyebrow Pencil (shade deep) and start filling in the shape and drawing on small, faux brow hairs. I make sure I have a freshly sharpened and pointy pencil as I like the defintion it gives. I build up the colour and shape slowly as not to go too heavy as it’s such a pain when you have to take brow makeup off. I always keep a typical 40’s brow shape ; fluffy on the inner corners with a nice arch and then sloping off gradually.

(5) I always use a brow gel as this sets the hairs in place and gives that really groomed and clean look. Up until now I have always used Eyeko, but when this ran out I recently purchased (in my mega beauty haul) the Gimme Brow which not only is your traditional brow gel but it also has small fibres in to make your brows appear fuller. I am using the darkest shade.

(6) Neaten everything up. If I want a slightly more defined brow I add in a few more hairs and sharpen it up with my trust Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner in Mad Max Brown (I prefer this to her actual brow liners). 

(7.) Feel really smug about how good your brows look.


 How are you feeling about the Brow Craze? Do you have your favourite go-to products? Share your tips & products..