BEAUTY NEWS | Models Own Launch A Full Makeup Range.

Models Own, who are infamous for their bold, beautiful and vast range of polishes, have dabbled with a few makeup items before, but for the first time ever they are launching a full makeup collection which is promising game-changing colour, creative mix-it-your-own pigments & a comprehensive line of over 500 products. This launches TODAY (May 16th) in the UK and I have got a little preview of what kind of things to expect.

  First up, the packaging is pretty stunning I think you will agree ; bright, eye-catching and fits well withing the *typical* Models Own branding. I am a big fan. The brand is known as being bold/ with attitude and this is reflected in the makeup ; it doesn’t believe in the ‘typical looks’ & beauty standards, it’s all about creativity, fun, bright shades, no judgements, no rules & bravery in beauty. They want you to experiement and mix your pigments, creating your own unique formulas and colours. I have a few of my favourite picks from the range from the bits that I was sent..

 Lip Gunk Lip Paint Kit. This reminds me a little of the MAC Lipmix and comes with a super handy mixing tray and a lip brush which I really like. This is designed to you can simply apply it ‘as is’ or use the small tray to combine different colours and create your own shades.  Comes in the standard matte formula and also metallic formulas. I love the fact that they have launched an unusual blue/purple shade and it makes me think they will have more unusual shades.

Sweet Dreams Eyeshadow Palette. This packaging is everything. Absolutely LOVE @ first sight and from quick swatching the pigment seems reasonable with the bright colours transisting well onto the skin. Colour-wise this isn’t the first kind of tones I would opt for, but it’s nice to have these kind of shades in palettes that are affordable. I am sure they are going to have a bunch of other colour combos too.

 Luxestick Lipstick. Beautiful texture and I think the silver metal packaging looks really premium and luxe. Again, am looking forward to seeing the full range of colours in the range

{FYI @ the time of writing this the Models Own Website is down, I think  in anticipation for a huge re-launch when the makeup comes out….hence why I only know the shades I have & don’t know what else is in the range/colours!}

Sculpt & Glow Liquid Highlighter (Shade Rose Gold 02). I am ALL OVER liquid highlighters right now and this comes in a handy pump-tube that makes application and mixing easy. I have mixed this in with my foundation and it’s perfect for warming it up as I transist from my spring to summer shade. Getting my tan ON! It’s lightly ethereal, not overly shimmery, although I would say this is more gold than rose gold as I can’t see any pink tones in it. None-the-less, a great shade and I’m looking forward to seeing what other shades they bring ; I’m assuming a silvery/pink and perhaps a deeper bronze.

 Hopefully the Models Own website will be up & running by the time this post goes live so you can see the full range of products. Prices of the makeup range is as expected….reasonable and affordable, starting at around £5.99 for an eyeliner.