Blusher Love : My Current Favourites.

Blusher. The one thing that can give your skin life in 0.03 seconds. I would be pretty lost without it as I just look pretty sallow and dull without anything on my cheeks. I like to hit up the slightly brighter tones for summer and these are currently my favourites that are taking top spot at the makeup table.
Cream blushers

The majority of the blushers I use in the summer are cream formula. as my makeup in general tends to be lighter. I like the easy and quick fingertip and blend application and the radiant, dewy glow that you get from a cream blusher. 70% of the time I will use a cream blusher….if my makeup is really heavy or I’m going out then it will usually be a powder.

Collection Speedy Blush ‘Cheeky’

These are new from Collection and for just £3.99 you cannot go wrong with these jumbo cream-stick blushers! Literally just apply straight from the stick and blend out with your fingers. Easy-Peasy. My clients have been really liking this shade and it’s great on a warmer and more tanned skin.

Illamasqua Gel colour ‘Fluster’

A really nice fuschia pink tint. It has a really translucent gel texture that is super cooling as you apply onto the skin and this stains quite quick so be sure to blend it swiftly and you will have a nice all-day flush of colour. This can also be used on the lips too and looks beautiful. NARS did a bunch of gel multiples a few summers ago and these remind me of those. Can be applied under your foundation for an ultra subtle finish.

Stila Convertible Color ‘Lilium’

I could have probably picked 3 shades of these to be in this bunch of top blushers as they do SO many great colours (I have 9/14 shades!). Lilium is however probably one of the most versatile out of their collection; that or Peony, but I find Lilium just a bit more interesting and a better summer shade. Looks quite boring in the pan but as you can see from the swatch, it actually comes out a lot pinker than you would think.

Bareminerals Pop of Passion ‘Papaya’ 

This is one of the newest to my favourites collection and it’s just that perfect summery bright coral that really suits me when I have a tan. It’s not as bright as it looks in the pan so don’t be scared! This is a sheer wash of long-lasting colour and a really beautiful finish on the skin.

MUA Whipped Velvet ‘Spry’ 

Out of my picks of cream blushers here, this is probably the one that feels the most matte in application. It has a beautiful velvety texture and is really easy to apply. Stays on well and this colour is just a perfect pinky rose tone that looks great on most skintones. I reviewed the full range/colours here.

Powder Blushers

More long-wearing in general and I think some people just find these easier to apply/ is what they are used to applying with a brush. Also if you wear a mineral/powder foundation then I find that powder sits better on powder. I always have a separate powder / bronzer and blusher brush for my own makeup so the colours don’t get mixed up. My favourite everyday blusher brush is probably the purse-friendly Crownbrush IB105 which is what you can see in the photo’s ; super soft and easy for powder blushers and highlighter.

Benefit Coralista

Probably my oldest ‘favourite’ that I have amongst all these blushers. I have used this since it launched years ago and I love it as it is pure coral glow on summer skin. This is very shimmery and I would say is half blush / half highlight so if you want that radiance then step this way. Sometimes I wear it over a blusher if I want a pronounced colour as this is very sheer.

NARS Douceur

No Orgasm in sight! This is one of my all-time favourites from NARS and I hope it hasn’t been discontinued as it looks like it is out of stock everywhere… Either way it’s a very subtle colour, that I find just good for that lazy makeup day and subtle finish. It’s a very dusky pale rose so would suit pale-skinned babes and those a bit blusher-scared. A kit favourite for me.

MAC Royal Sunset

I fear this was a limited edition, but in true MAC-style, I have no doubt this will come/has come back, regurgitated as another name or in different packaging! It’s a verrrrrry pale coral pink and I find this works on me better when I am either really pale (those 2 days of the year) OR really tanned as it just shows up more.

What blusher shades and brands are you liking at the moment? Have you tried any of these?