June Beauty Favourites.

A mixed bunch from my monthly top picks and most-loved items, and actually mainly new-ish bits to the collection.

I have been *all* over the Too Faced bronzers lately and these cucumber eye patches have been saving my puffy eye situation in the mornings. I’m not sure if it is hay fever as I have never suffered from it, neither do I have any other symptoms, but over the last few months I have been waking up with REALLY puffy and sore eyes?! Anyway, these bunch of beauty treats have seen me through, impressed me and caught my attention.

Here are my June favourites.

Bareminerals Lash Domination mascara.

Literally in my top 3 mascaras of ALL TIME and recently come back to it. I love a plastic/silicone wand, as I find it coats and separates my lashes so much better and the shape of this wand just gives me huge volume and flutter. 

XEN Tan Face tanner Luxe.

Ok my favourite range of fake tan EVER. Since coming back from honeymoon I’ve been desperately clinging onto my California tan and it’s really slipping. I have been using the XEN Dark Lotion once a week on my bod and then the face tanner on my face (obvs) every 3 nights to keep me glowing and bronzed. I am oily so I struggle with typical fake tans on my face but not only is this oil-free and paraben-free but it’s enriched with vitamins and anti-oxidants so when I wear it, I don’t even bother with my normal face cream. Straight on the boat and delivers a beautiful natural bronze hue every time. Psssss have you seen my Xen Tan giveaway?

Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum.

I included this in my favourite summer serums as it is super lightweight, highly active and does what it says on the tin. Hyaluronic acid is a great ingredient for the skin as it holds water and leaves skin plump and hydrated. This also contains one of my personal favourites, lactic acid which is perfect for brightening and radiance, and works so well on my oily/combination skin.

Bareminerals Complexion Rescue.

Summer skin favourite. Has been great since I’ve got back from holiday as my skin has been *ok* so don’t currently need much coverage and this gives just a light touch of radiance as well as perfecting my skin. Full Review & why it’s so excellent here.

BLEACH London Rose Shampoo. 

This was nearly full as I was pretty obsessed with using the Rose conditioner to add a tint of pink to my hair, and didn’t bother with the shampoo as my thought were…‘it is something you wash out and follow with a conditioner so it won’t leave any colour in my hair..’ WRONG. As I had run out of the Rose conditioner last month I thought I would give this a try and lo and behold, it actually gives such a great re-fresh of colour to my hair, even just using it with any normal conditioner.

Too Faced bronzer.

I reviewed all these last week, as they do so many different shades and it’s easy to get confused. Ok so I chose to snap the pink leopard bronzer for these pics as it’s just too pretty, whereas in reality the bronzer I have been using daily is the SUN BUNNY bronzer.

Dove Colour Radiance conditioner.

Haven’t used anything Dove except their deodorants & body creams I don’t think ?! Either way this was a nice surprise as I’m currently VERY fussy with my conditioners with my pastel pink and beached hair. Not only does it have a pretty pink hue but it also has a beautiful rich and creamy texture that leaves my hair feeling super nourished and soft. Used this up in like 4 weeks so need another one ASAP!

Collection Speedy Blush’Cheeky’.

One of the newest product which has made it into my top picks and was included in my top blusher shades for summer. The jumbo pencil makes it easy to apply straight onto the cheeks and it’s easy to blend and this colour ‘Cheeky’ is just perfect for summer fun.

Trilogy lip balm.

Yummy. This lips balm packed with peppermint, rosehip and cocoa butter has been my saviour for the last few weeks. Just does the job and leaves my lips soft and plump and I love the fact it’s quite a small tube so it’s always in my handbag.

Models Own HyperLips lipgloss.

I always just love models own for their polishes and when they starting makeup too I was thinking ‘noooooooo just stick to nails’ as the polishes are SO great but actually, a lot of the makeup bits I have tried thus far…have been surprisingly good. This cute little gloss (shade fuchsia flush) is just a beautiful translucent hot pink and gives a beautiful glassy finish. Not that you should eat your lipgloss but I do and this tastes FRUITY! I also am liking the small packaging for the gloss, they are similar to my posh favourites….Kevyn Aucoin ; same amount as product as the others just fatter and shorter.

Dirty Works cucumber eye pads.

One of the surprise entries for me, as I’ve never really used any kind of eye patches or had the need to. These pre-soaked pads have been helping me in the early mornings to get day-ready when I’m feeling puffy and swollen around the eyes.That’s been quite a bit lately and like I said, it’s unusual for me so maybe hay-fever linked! They have cucumber and aloe vera and just really soothe and de-puff.

Have you used any of these products?