The New Beauty Buzzword : Strobing.

Yeah, you’ve only just learnt how to master the art of contouring and now it’s been kicked to the curb.

I’m not a fan of fads, crazes and in a word, what is sterotypically ‘Instagram Makeup’ (aka airbrushing selfies, hideously overdrawn eyebrows, stripey contouring pics, cut creases everywhere and…meow I’ll shut up now). You imagine how I recoiled in horror when I started hearing the new buzzword ‘strobing’ being banded around over social media & instagram.

I had a look at what it was about…’s…..highlighting. Thats’ it. It’s just had a modern-generation word-jig and a media frenzy behind it….but yeah it’s highlighting without the use of contouring as that’s just ‘SO LAST SEASON YAHHHhhhhhhhh’. I have always been a huge fan of dewy skins and from my work as a makeup artist, this is nothing new. Makeup artists kinda ditched the whole contouring thing a long time ago (it’s a red carpet thing, that’s about it)…however pretty much every fashion show and shoot I have worked on, beautiful ethereal and glowing skin is 80% the preferred choice so I wanted to share with you some great tips for how to highlight your skin perfectly……sorry I mean STROBING.

It isn’t particulary hard to get the glow, but it CAN go wrong AKA you can go out looking frosted or like a disco ball so here are some guidelines on how to get it right…

Strobing : A Step-by-Step Guide

1.) Prep the skin with a dewy base ; think MAC Strobe cream, Becca shimmering skin, I used the Pur Minerals Correcting primer which just hold everything in place whilst giving a subtle radiance. Oily skins ; you won’t need anything with extra glow, just get on your normal moisturiser.

2.) Use the lightest coverage possible all over the face. BB/ CC or just a lightweight foundation. The one thing you cannot have with this look is a heavy base. If the only foundation you have is a medium-full coverage, then add a dollop of your moisturiser in to it to sheer it down.

3.) Select a highlighter that is flattering to your skintype. Pale skins can get away with more silvery/frosted tones, medium tones like a pinky hue and deeper tones more golden and terracota. It can be a powder or cream highlighter, whatever you like to work with, I often mix both.

4.) Apply highlighter to key areas; cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow and sometimes a touch on the lower chin can look great.

5.) Walk away and feel really smug that you can now ‘strobe’.

I have a huge selection of highlighters, both cream and powder formulas. When picking the right one for you make sure you take into account your natural skintone, skintype and how you are with application. Powder is probably the easier option if you aren’t great with makeup application and the Kevyn Aucoin Candlelight is pretty foolproof. Cream ones give a really lovely radiant finish and my top picks are probably NARS Copacabana, Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate,and the Benefit High Beam which was my first ever highlighter! (also seem to have misplaced mine as cannot for the life of me find it anywhere…)

What are we thinking of this new makeup craze? Is it something you have always done anyway?