My Pregnancy Diaries: Trimester 2.

Not to overload the blog with pregnancy and mum-to-be related things, this is my second update/ post about how I have been finding the journey so far. In case you missed it and are interested, my first post is here and you can see my VLOG diaries right here on my You Tube Channel.

Trimester 2 : What’s been going on…

Emotions and Feels

I haven’t been as wildly emotional. The hormones have calmed down, I am not crying every single day and I have been feeling so much better in myself. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had the occasional cry about various things but not a pacth on Trimester 1. I still miss and yearn for my mum most days but it’s not crippling me like I felt it was in the first few weeks and months. I have got this.

Appointments & Scans

I’ve only seen the midwife once and the doctor once in the whole trimester. Still feeling quite detached from what I am supposed to be doing and am really hoping the advice and direction amps up A LOT next trimester otherwise I will be booking myself in for NCT classes as I feel like I know NOTHING still.

I bought a book. I’m reading said book to give me daily advice. It’s this one.

The 20 week scan was all positive ; we did want to find out the gender but baby was being very difficult so the position wasn’t good to give a gender confirmation. Felt a little disappointed BUT more important that the baby is developing well and is healthy. We may book in for a private scan to find out the gender in the next few weeks.

My Body & Changes

The boobs have stopped growing, the nipples haven’t. I don’t have the soreness anymore, I have had 3  or 4 bouts of extreme and violent nausea but that’s it, My skin is ok, no stretch marks as yet and my belly is definitely pregnant-looking and hard. People now know I am pregnant without me having to tell them. Trimester 1 I was just looking like a had put on weight or had been drinking a lot of beer.

I am still using my 3-step regime, twice a day on my boobs and bump. I am using the all the Mama MIO range pretty much : The boob tube, then the stretch mark oil on my belly, bum & thighs, followed by the tummy rub butter. I will do a separate post on this and my beauty routine etc.

I wee a little bit whenever I sneeze.

I am walking more slowly and waddling a little bit more.

I can’t reach across to pull the plug out of the bath when I am in it.

I have started exercising more and swimming. The sickness was holding me back A LOT in Trimester 1 and I am feeling a lot more energetic and able to do things at the moment. Work can be tough and the commute in and out on the tube. I am on my feet a lot of the day and am feeling a lot more weary and tired than I ever used to be. I think I will be stopping work around 5 weeks before me due date.

Food and Things.

I haven’t felt restricted at all really. I’m not as strict as some. The only thing I am completely avoiding is oysters and cured meats. I’ve eaten sashimi twice, I’ve eaten lots of different cheese, I still have a coffee if I fancy it and I have had maybe 4 glasses of wine over the last 6 months if I’ve been out to dinner. My cravings haven’t really been crazy, and not noticeably more than normal!

The Baby on Board Badge.

I discuss this a little more in my vlog, so yeah have a watch if you want to see more. It’s been a strange one for me. I shouldn’t have ever stumbled across that forum on mumsnet. I have been feeling a little apprehensive to wear it, even now. So just wear it when I really need.

Baby Clothes & Preparation

NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. I have a friend who is due a week before me living her best pregnant life and has the nursery finished, a wardrobe full of pink clothes and has had various showers, gender reveals and the rest. I’m just here on my sofa and I haven’t even purchased an item of clothing. It’s ok as I am going at my own pace, and proper baby prep is going to start over the next few weeks.

It’s generally been a lot more positive, a lot less crying and just a happier me this trimester. I have been actually enjoying it for what it is and appreciating my body and what’s happening to it. I’ve been seeing my friends again, feeling more social and if Trimester 1 was a 3/10 then this has been a solid 8.

Trimester 3 : Come @ me.
You can see my Trimester 2 VLOG diaries right here if you fancy. Sorry it’s 35 minutes, so pretend you are watching whilst eating your dinner or something.