The Final Countdown : What I’ve Packed in My Hospital Bags & For Labour.

YIKES. It’s here. The time is nearly upon us / me / mainly me.
I’m open and honest about my struggles with being pregnant and the impending reality of having a mini me to look after when I am pretty much terrified of children. Say hello to the world’s worst pregnant person you have possibly ever known. HOLLA. (Pssssst if you prefer to watch, I have filmed a quick video for You Tube which is linked at the bottom of this post).

To see me through : Google. Google has been a strong advisor and friend for me over the last near 9 months and this is where I have got most of my information along with tweets and insta story questions where I’ve had SO much help from pals, strangers and the blogging community.

HOSPITAL BAGS. Ok I’ve just finished packing mine. *Apparently* this is something that you should do at around 36 weeks pregnant so you are ready to get to the hospital when needed, prepared and you aren’t running around trying to pack when you are having horrendously painful pre-labour contractions. I collated my list from a few different sites, what has been my ‘pregnancy bible’ The Day-by-Day Pregnancy Book, and I just kind of mixed and matched to tailor it to me.

I LOVE packing for holidays and weekends away, I’m one of those list-bitches who likes to be super organised, pack things for all eventualities and have all kinds of storage saving tricks to get all of my crap in the bag.


I am taking x 2 bags: One medium-sized suitcase, which is what I usually take on a long weekend / week away and then my Tiba + Marl changing bag.

My kind friends at Aldi UK gifted me some vouchers last week to pick up some of their baby bits of which they have A LOT! My sister-in-law was telling me about how good their nappies were only a few weeks ago and a new store has just opened 5 minutes from me so I hot-footed it down to check out their bits and spend up my vouchers. I got quite a lot from their Mamia range including ALL the nappies (I got x 3 large packs), nappy bags & baby wipes. They also had a baby & toddler event on where I got some bits from a range called Lily & Dan including some muslin cloths and some snazzy bibs.  Also : Most of the things in my snack bag I got from Aldi as well. I NEVER KNEW HOW GOOD THAT PLACE IS!

In the Tiba + Marl changing bag, which is a medium-size rucksack, I have managed to squeeze in most of the baby things:

For Baby:

1 x car seat (possibly THE most important thing!) This is already in the boot of the car

3 x bibs

6 x muslin cloths

12 x newborn nappies

12 x nappy sacks

1 x pack of baby wipes

1 x pack of Water Wipes

1 x pack of cotton

3 x scratch mitts

4 x baby socks

1 x changing Mat

1 x blanket

1 x comforter

Baby Clothing  = Sleepysuits x 5, Vests x 6, Cardigan x 1, Hats x 2

For Me / The Big Bag:

A couple of things for the baby = a comforter and a small blanket. Everything else is for me : Loose clothing, comfies, beauty essentials and post- maternity things.

***EDITED IN!!*** HOSPITAL NOTES aka the most important thing that you need.

1 x dressing gown

1 x maternity / nursing nightie

Underwear & Socks (enough to last me x 5 days!)

2 x nursing Bras

An assortment of loose clothing for during labour (x2 baggy t-shirts, x1 leggings, x1 vest)

1 x set of post-labour clothing / leaving the hospital (Comfy Tracksuit!)

1 x sliders / slippers

3 x clean towels (2 for me, 1 for baby)

10 x maternity pads

6 x breast pads

1 x makeup bag

1 x skincare bag

Massage tool & Oil

Hair Ties & Hair Brush

Face Wipes

The Snack Bag!

This was actually the first thing I managed to pack and organise after a quick sweep around Aldi. I was advised to get lots of energy drinks, easy-to-eat bars, healthy snacks and quick sugar hits. I have already packed this in the boot of the car, along with a 12-pack of bottled water and the baby car seat.

So there we have it, my complete list of what I’ve packed in my labour / hospital bags. PLEASE let me know if there is anything I have missed or perhaps things that I may need more of! I’m really hoping for a quick in-and-out (aren’t we all), so maybe I won’t need half of the above *but* I need to be prepared for everything!