New PIXI Quick Fixes & Makeup Picks.

PIXI are no longer just known for *that* orange tonic. In the last couple of years they have upped their makeup game and are absolutely smashing it with new launches, products, colours and collaborations.

I wanted to show you some of the very latest launches from PIXI and a few of my current go-to’s that are all about the easy-fix, no brush, no mirror application. First up has to be one of my most used PIXI products and that is the MultiBalm in ‘Baby Petal’. It’s a really soft browny-pink tone that looks wonderful on any skin I have applied it to and the texture is glossy, balmy, slightly dewy and it’s such a quick and easy product to use. It is as beautiful on the lips as it is the cheeks and a great shade for paler skins and those who also prefer something really subtle.  Swatched below.

A perfect lip prep and another favourite addition to my professional kit is the slightly unassuming buy VERY-HANDY-TO-HAVE ‘Nourishing Lip Polish’. This is a perfect lip prep for all those matte-lip-lovers out there. We all get those slightly scaly lips coming into winter and this exfoliator-and-balm-in-one softens, smooths and nourishes the lips with it’s unique buffing applicator and potent blend of hydrating oils. A makeup artist must-have and something that you may feel a bit *meh* about initially but will be one of those things you end up using A LOT.

Another really nifty product for anyone on-the-go and who opt for that quick and fuss-free application is the new Quick Fix Powder. This is a translucent setting and touch up powder that is wonderfully lightweight, invisible AND gives a soft focus finish to the skin. Open-pored and oily girls like myself will love this as it doesn’t exaggerate the pores and fine lines… softens and blurs them to give you a camera-ready finish. It is a powder and sponge applicator in one so you don’t need a brush and there is no mess or fallout. (have you TRIED carrying a loose setting powder in your bag?!) This powder compact also has a travel- friendly mirror on the top so it really is the perfect handbag companion. I use this solely for one the go re-touch ups and blots.

Have you tried PIXI makeup yet? I have my eye on their concealers to try next as have only really tried their colour products and skincare – no base!