Aromatherapy Oils that help to Energise + Soothe me.

Hello! So it’s been a while since I’ve written a proper blog post on here. Due to what’s been going on with the COVID-19 pandemic it’s just felt a little ‘off’ to carry on here with the usual beauty reviews and nonsense I chat about without stopping and having a little pause, acknowledgement and time to re-assess things.

I have A LOT of blog content ready to go and just before the lockdown here in the UK I had received an abundance of new beauty skincare and the rest. I want to slowly start putting it up so business is going to slowly resume as normal, but with a handful of self-care, working-from-home, lockdown help type-content thrown in as well. It’s our lives for the time so it only makes sense.

First up, I wanted to have a quick chat about aromatherapy and how I use it day-to-day to help better my mood, uplift me and more-often-than-not… soften my bouts of anxiety and worry. I am a really big fan of aromatherapy : the scents, the bath oils, how it helps me feel and takes me to a more balanced place.

It’s nothing new for me, I’ve been using them for over 10 years but when I’ve been working from home more than ever, obviously having more angst and worries than normal with what’s going on, I’ve bought my little stash of my favourite aromatherapy roll-on’s to my little desk set-up / office to use on and off throughout the day. I generally just see how I feel day-to-day and that influences what I use, what I roll-on or burn…if anything at all.

When I need a morning pick-me up / energy.

Pretty much every morning atm to be honest. I’m struggling since the clocks have changed and the temptation to lie-in is REAL! However, I want to get up, carry on my normal day, and obviously I usually have a 7am alarm-clock in the form of Margot. There are two rill-on oils I love when I need a little surge of energy : The Neal’s Yard Remedies to Roll ‘Energy’ and the Aromatherapy Associates ‘Revive Morning’ roll-on. 

The Neal’s Yard energy roll-on (£8) is a blend including geranium, grapefruit, rosemary and lavender and it’s just a rrally nice and not overpowering scent. I have just noticed they have updated the packaging since I purchased this one but the formula is still the same.

The Aromatherapy Associates ‘Revive Morning’ roll-on (£18) is a pricier option, as is most of their bath and body care products but the quality is always SO good, so concentrated and they only use first-pressed essential oils. They are hands down my favourite aromatherapy oil brand and I have used them and championed them for over 10 years now.

When I need to Relax and De-Stress.

These aren’t my PM-unwind-help-me-sleep oils (that’s a different kettle of fish – another post maybe ?!) but for when I am feeling anxious, stressed and worked up in the day and I need a little stress check and 5 minutes to myself.

I really love This Works for oils and use their pillow spray/ deep sleep products for bedtime. They also do a less-well-known range called Stress Check which is all about calming and soothing but not sending you to the lulls of a deep sleep! The Stress Check roll-on is perfect for any time of the day when you want to reduce tension and stress. Has essential oils of eucalyptus, frankincense and lavender and it smells really lovely and comforting.

If a roll-on oil isn’t up your street then an oil-burner could be an option, particularly if you like an on-going smell as you work, relax and carry on your day. I have this one from Neal’s Yard along with a handful of their single essential oils.

If I want to unwind and relax, I find Ylang Ylang is the scent that always works for me. I find that aromatherapy is so personal though so I definitely suggest familiarising yourself with scents if you aren’t already accustomed as a scent that doesn’t sit well with you, won’t allow you to relax, focus or enjoy! Ylang Ylang for me is a really soothing and lovely smell to have in the house, some may find it nauseating and unpleasant.

When I need Clarity.

The infamous De Mamiel Altitude oil is a multi-purpose aromatherapy-based elixir that can be used in a  multitude of ways ; directly inhaled, onto some tissue or dab straight under the nostrils. This is great for when you need to clear your head AND also a great little treatment for keeping bugs at bay when you are travelling or are on the verge of illness if that makes sense. It’s a really potent pick-me-up and no other oils I have are quite like the Altitude Oil.

So aromatherapy oils have been a go-go in my household of late. I do occasionally like to burn them in an oil burner but having a roll-on to quickly apply and then get on with your day is also super handy. Definitely worth looking into if you feel quite uptight, stressed and anxious a lot of the time and want a natural pick-me-up or some comfort.

Let me know if you are into your aromatherapy and you find it helps you in these uncertain times. Have you ever tried any of these? Would also love any suggestions of more products and brands to try out!

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